Best Tools to

clean your house faster

Bissell Crosswave

When it comes to popular items this one is all the talk on social media because many moms (and pet owners) have quickly discovered that when you can sweep, vacuum, and mop, even spot clean carpet and rugs from one device you can manage to get so much done in a single day. The Bissell Crosswave is designed to do your floors in one set allowing you to save time and get more done. For families with young children, this is an amazing way to save time cleaning up the big messes kids make all day long. Even those without kids can find that when you turn a multi-step job into a single step you can get your home clean faster. To make it even better the cross wave even cleans its own brush roller so it is ready for use as soon as you need it again. The less work you have to do the better.


This one seems simple but many families haven't made the first move yet. Some due to cost, and others have more to do with space in the kitchen. A dishwasher can be a great tool because it allows you to start and let run while you take care of other things that need to be done. There are portable dishwashers that can be used to make the most of your space and cost relatively less than full-size models. Dishwashers also use significantly less water than hand washing helping to reduce water consumption. A dishwasher 100%, not an option? Speed up dishes by keeping a soapy sink full of water ready to soak things through the day. While I don't fill my entire sink, I do keep one thing in my sink throughout the day that serves the same purpose. A large cup of water for utensils (great for thicker things like peanut butter, mac&cheese utensils, etc)! This can make things easier to scrub and make dishwashing faster in general.

Large capacity washer and dryer

For families, laundry is a never-ending chore. A large capacity washer and dryer can allow you to get more laundry done at a time to break down the pile and get your laundry done faster. Make a point of starting a load every time you have enough for a complete load to help keep laundry from piling up after you get it back under control. For many families, this can be about a load a day that can be done relatively stress-free. I also love my large capacity washer and dryer because it can handle all our quilts, blankets, duvet covers, comforters, and even things like pillows and washable rugs. Between accidental spills, bathroom-related accidents, and stomach bugs you'll be very thankful for the larger capacity. And you'll be able to handle it all at home instead of having to take your things to a laundromat or the cleaners to get laundered. Which is a money and time saver as well - win, win! What a great way to clean your house faster!

To make laundry easier reduce how complicated doing laundry is with a few simple tips:

– Reduce how much clothing your family owns. Capsule wardrobes are a great way to reduce how much laundry you have to wash and stops your laundry from piling up over time. – Buy only clothes that can be washed at home. When we buy clothing that needs dry cleaning and can not just be tossed into the washer and dryer we make laundry even more of a chore and add errands to our day that slow down the cleaning of our homes. – Buy solid color socks in one single color. All white or black socks may not be fun but they are not a hassle to find matches for and you never have to worry about fussing with piles of socks that no longer have pairs. – An exception to that rule if you have kids: buy each kiddo their own color socks. You'll never have to hold them up and wonder who's socks are who's. – And if you want a really big time saver - here's what I do at the end of each laundry cycle. All of the socks that are color #1 go straight into my oldest's drawer. No matching, just directly into his sock and underwear drawer. The same goes for each kiddo and their particular colored socks.

Clean your house faster with a steam cleaner

A steam cleaner can melt away tough messes making it easy to clean even hard to clean areas like inside your oven quickly and easily. This can help speed up your cleaning and the steam also sterilizes the surface at the same time helping you speed through cleaning up old germy messes that went unnoticed, places like the bottom of the refrigerator can particularly benefit from a steam cleaner.

Vacuum with dust attachments

Traditional dusting leaves dust flying around your home just to settle back down again forcing you to slide into a repeated cycle of dusting. When you use a vacuum designed to trap dust you eliminate it allowing you to clean your home faster with less work and keep it clean longer so you can clean less in general.

Laundry basket

Yes something as simple as a laundry basket can help clean your home faster. At least once a day Take a laundry basket as you walk through your home gathering items that belong somewhere else and putting items you found back as you enter the room they belong to. This is a fast way to make sure everything goes where it belongs and can help you make your home faster and easier to clean by keeping watering items in check. My favorite laundry baskets are collapsable. These are great because they can multitask and be used for more than just laundry as well. And even better, when the time comes you can quickly collapse it for storage. I have 6 collapsable laundry baskets and when stacked on top of one another they take up the same amount of space as ONE traditional laundry basket!