buck bed diy ikea hack


Step 1:

Assemble the Kura bed frame. Attach all the *wood* pieces together, securely. We found this definitely went faster with two people! And be sure to not over tighten the screws. Especially the first time around! You can always go back after the Ikea Kura Bunk Bed is all put together and retighten any that may need it.

Step 2:

Those white panels? Don’t install them! TRACE THEM! Say whaaaaat? Yep – that’s basically all this Ikea Hack for the Kura Bunk Beds is! Tracing the white panels and replacing them with plywood panels! How easy is that?!

Step 2:

A note about this part: we only did 3 panels, not the full 4. Looking at the photo above, we added the plywood to the tallest left most panel, the front long panel next to the stairs, and the shot little panel behind where H puts his head.No *real* reason, other than that longest back side is always against the wall. And having that open makes changing the sheets on the top bunk way easier. One less step is always a good thing in my book, and it doesn’t impact how cool it looks at all.

To install the plywood panels:

For all except the left most  panel, screw in the panels from the inside. The only exception is the tallest panel that covers the left side from top to bottom. For that panel, you’ll attach the new plywood panel from the outside.

To install the plywood panels:

*If you don’t want to screw them in, and would rather them sit inside the frame like the white ones do*: You’ll have to take the thickness of your plywood into consideration. As well as how close you’re trimming the wood, to ensure they’ll fit. Honestly, this was way more work than Zach or I wanted to take on, and I actually really like the dimension the plywood gives when it’s attached to the back versus inset.

Best mattress for the Ikea Kura bunk beds?

The maximum mattress thickness according to the Ikea Kura bunk bed’s packaging is 5 1/8 “. We weren’t having any luck in stores with a slim enough mattress. So we ordered two of the 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattresses from Amazon. They are PERFECT. We end up sleeping with J on the bottom bunk most nights, and it’s definitely comfy enough for us.

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