your child more organized

It’s not unusual for children to be less organized than their parents. Even if you use my ideas to help your child be more organized, they’ll turn thirteen and all of the concepts you taught them will go out the window. This is simply a fact about parenting life; as soon as you teach your child a new skill to get organized or do something around the home, in comes another birthday and they seem to have lost all that you taught them the year prior.

Kid Organization Tips


Look Closely at Your Child

Before starting these strategies, you must look closely at your child. Figure out what motivates them and watch how they “organize” their items now. The best way to help your child be more organized is to work with them in a way that resonates with them. You may find that one child likes having everything in separate bins organized by color or type. Another child may just like all of their items thrown in a bin regardless of category. Knowing what methods your child seems to enjoy using for “organization” will help you declutter their chaos.

Make Storage Bins

Work with your children to create storage bins and bookshelves together. This will inspire them to put items back where they belong when they’re finished with the item. Homemade bookshelves and storage bins can be painted or colored to match your child’s preferred theme. Place these bins and shelves in your child’s room so that they can reach them. Maintain a consistent rule that your child put the item back where it belongs before venturing to another activity or before bedtime. This will instill the habit that we pick up our things at the end of each day to wake up to an organized space.

Break Tasks into Chunks

Some children get overwhelmed with homework and chores, so you must break tasks into chunks. This will help your child be more organized with homework and other tasks they’re required to do each day. The best time management pros know that smaller tasks are easier to focus on. This concept is something simple to teach your children. Sit with each child and have them write their tasks for the day on paper. Show them how to break each activity into a small task so they can check things off, feeling motivated, and being more organized as they continue their daily life. Continue keeping your children organized by having them write tasks each morning for maximum organization.

Make it a Family Affair

Lastly, I’ve learned that including the whole family in every idea that you want to instill within children works better than telling children what to do. Commit and set some goals to be more organized as a family. This will help inspire your children to take part in this new way of keeping the home organized. You can host chore days where everyone has tasks to do! You can make each morning a family moment where each of you write your daily tasks out on paper. Create a daily routine for the home using a large piece of poster paper. Children who grow up having a visual daily calendar tend to master organizational skills in all areas of life, for they use this visual as a guide when they’re older to maintain organization.