boxed mac and cheese recipe

Dino mac and cheese is a hit in our house and today I am sharing our toddler friendly + favorite dino mac and cheese with veggies recipe!

How to make your boxed Mac and Cheese healthier


While the water is waiting to boil before I pour in the noodles, I grab my 3 ingredients. Spinach, broccoli, and plain (full fat) greek yogurt. I use frozen veggies, because, well, convenience, but you can use fresh as well. For mixing/ blending I use my Nutri Ninja. But you can use a food processor, too! Ours just broke during the move and I haven't replaced it yet.

To the blender I add: a handful of spinach, a handful of broccoli, and do about 4 tablespoons (I eyeball it with a regular spoon) of greek yogurt. You may need a splash of water to help everything emulsify. I typically add the spinach, broccoli and greek yogurt to the mixer first, set it to extract, and walk away. Once the water has boiled and I add the noodles, I go back to the blender. This is when I add like 1/2 - 3/4 of the boxed Mac and Cheese cheese stuff. OR, if I'm feeling really fancy, I add a little sprinkling and just shred some extra sharp cheddar and white cheddar together and throw it in the blender. When the noodles are done, pour them into a colander. Pour the green Dino / Hulk Cheese mixture into the bowl you just cooked the noodles in, then add the noodles over top. Mix, mix, mix. And serve!

Hulk Mac and Cheese with Veggies Recipe


– Frozen or fresh spinach – Frozen or fresh broccoli – Plain Greek yogurt (full fat) – Hummus (I love garlic, but any flavor works!) – Pasta of your choice. (We use boxed Mac and Cheese a lot!) – Blender / food processor. I use the Nutri Ninja for EVERYTHING.


– Add handful of spinach, and handful of broccoli to blender cup. – Add 2-3 tablespoons of plain greek yogurt and 2-3 tablespoons of hummus, and blend. – If mixture is too thick, add a tiny bit more greek yogurt / hummus. (I do hummus first, then greek yogurt) *Optional*: add your own fresh cheese, and blend again - this is where you can add some of the boxed cheese mix, if you'd like. – When noodles are done, pour out of pot and into colander. – Add Dino / Hulk green cheese mixture to bottom of still warm pot, then noodles on top. – Mix, and serve!