your postpartum body

Dressing your postpartum body is hard!

You're so busy taking care of the baby you've just birthed that stylish mom clothing is the last thing on your mind. But then it happens. You walk past a mirror and realize your maternity clothing is too big. And your pre pregnancy clothing doesn't fit. I'm going to be honest - this time sucks. It is a hard few months while your body adjusts and reverts back, as much as it can. Because I'm here to tell you, getting your body back isn't easy. Especially the second, third, etc, time around.

Try Button Up Tops

I've shared on my Instagram stories a ton, but my closet is now filled with relaxed fit button ups. Not structured, because lord knows my body doesn't cooperate with those. But boyfriend fit, HELLO. The button ups keep breastfeeding easy. Considering how Jude is still nursing on demand and that I baby wear constantly, easy nursing access is crucial. Through a t on of trial and error, I have discovered that fabric choice is crucial. Structured button ups are a nightmare for me right now. My boobs are huge thanks to breastfeeding, but my waist and belly are attempting to get back to normal. The tops my Evereve stylist chose are awesome. She knew exactly the spot I was in, and suggested tops that would work perfect for me.

Stick to High-Waisted Jeans

I know, I know. You promised yourself you wouldn't. I did too. But lets talk about why moms love high waisted jeans. As mentioned already, they are AMAZING for holding in the mom pooch. Which, P.S., just gets harder to get rid of after your first baby. Also. They are amazing for running after your kiddos. Let's get real here, mom life requires a lot of running after and squatting. And with my low rise jeans, there was  lot of plumbers crack happening. So I gave in. It was the best decision I've ever made. My high waisted, skinny jeans are INCREDIBLE. Yes, they were an investment, but I wear them daily and they go with EVERYTHING.

Other Great Outfit Ideas

Add a cardigan or kimono

Try a Comfy One Piece