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Reusable Baby Wipes

Baby wipes touch some of the most sensitive areas of your baby, which means most parents want to know they are entirely safe before using them. In this case, reusable baby wipes are the far safer option. This is not to say that conventionally made baby wipes are not safe, and in fact, there are great brands out there like WaterWipes that appeal to the want of parents to find safe and chemical-free options. However, most will contain ingredients that you likely do not know much about. Reusable baby wipes likely will not.

Reusable Baby Wipes

Washable baby wipes may seem like a new idea but they really are not. Before the advent of disposable wipes, new mothers simply used washcloths with soap and warm water. This is still an option for those who want to go truly minimal on their diapering accessories. For others who shy away from disposables but do not want to use regular washcloths, reusable wipes such as these are a great option.

Cloth Diapers

Like disposable baby wipes, disposable diapers are full of chemicals that touch sensitive areas. Diapers, however, may be worse in that they touch your baby’s skin far longer than a simple baby wipe does. The best green baby product you can use in this case is cloth diapers. However, cloth diapering does require a lot of work so you will want to take the time to decide whether or not cloth diapering is right for your family. Once you have done that, if you decide to use cloth, all you need to do next is decide which type of cloth diapers would work best for your family! There are types out there for every budget and every need, and even cloth diaper laundry services to save you time and energy.

Cotton Baby Wrap

Having a baby sling is a great way to free up your hands while still giving your infant the snuggle time they need, however, not all slings are made equal. For the new mom, opting for a 100% cotton baby sling is the best option. Not only will it be strong enough to hold the weight of your growing baby, but it will also be soft against their skin. For the best green option, try to choose one that is made with organic cotton and untreated with chemicals that may be toxic to your baby’s skin.

Bamboo Dinnerware

Infant dinnerware such as plates and utensils are important for your baby to have even if they can not feed themselves. This is, after all, how they will learn to do so. However, plastic dinnerware can contain toxins such as BPA that can be very harmful to your baby. Instead, choose the greener option and go with products made with organic bamboo.

Natural Nursing Pads

Reusable nursing pads and reusable facial cleansing pads tend to look about the same and be about the same size. No matter what you call them though, they are the perfect option for a new green Mommy. Since they will be touching such a sensitive part of your own body that may be feeding your new little one, it is important to keep any potential toxins away from that area. When you use an organic reusable option, you are taking the extra step to make sure that the product is safe. Reusable nursing pads are just one more way for you to do that for both you and your baby.

Reusable Cloth Postpartum Pads

As if labor and delivery were not hard enough, postpartum recovery can often be just as hard on a woman’s body. Fluctuating hormone levels can often lead to excessive fatigue, depression, and of course, very heavy bleeding. For the green mom, a feminine pad that is filled with things such as flame retardant chemicals is not an option they are comfortable using. For these moms, reusable cloth postpartum pads may be the answer. These pads are typically made with an absorbent core called Zorb and covered with soft fabric. Because they are a postpartum pad, they will be thicker and more absorbent than the typical cloth pad.