for parents away from kids

Trust me, I know how hard it is to connect with your partner after baby. And I'll be honest, as intentional as we are, it's not always easy. But so worth it. Those nights, those day and afternoons, that's when I feel the spark rekindle. Not running around after our two dudes, or feeling distracted with work.  Remember - you and your partner chose each other first. And just because you want to, need to, and heck even ENJOY getting away from your kids, you are still a great parent. In fact, I actually think getting away for a few hours with my husband makes me a better mom. And I'm showing our boys what a healthy relationship looks like. So it's really a win-win. Now let's get into the easy date ideas for couples!

21 Fun and Easy Date Ideas for Parents


Go to a local coffee shop and order drinks for one another. Something in the baked goods section look extra delicious? Grab two and share!

Go find a smoothie shop and pick up some refreshing smoothies or açaí bowls.

Walk around a local shopping center. We have a few here that have a ton of restaurants, a fountain and shops so we can get lost walking around for hours!

Go on a hike. Pick a new place to explore each time, and make sure to bring snacks and maybe even a few libations

Go for a picnic! This would be a great addition to a hike.

Go for a matinee at your theatre. One of our local theaters has a special deal on Tuesday afternoons where all movies are only $1, and you can add on a drink and popcorn for only a dollar more.

Head to your local book store and enjoy walking around, sans kids. See if you can find any new non-parenting related books that you might enjoy.

Go for a drive! It may sound silly, but some of my fondest memories with my husband before kids is when we would just get in the car and drive around. Make a special playlist, hold hands and drive with the windows down.

Go on a bike ride!

Grab some roller skates and see who is better!

Head to a park with one of your favorite board games. Connect 4 is one of our favorites and we can literally play for hours!

Throw out the diet and go grab some Ice Cream. Even better if you can find a fun spot to people watch while you eat.

Check your local sports team‘s schedule, and see if they have any afternoon games coming up. Usually these are cheaper and a lot of fun!

Try a new restaurant! One thing we like to do is to take a lunch date and order 2 or 3 appetizers to share. Lunch menus are usually cheaper and it gives us a good opportunity to try something new.

 Tour your local botanical garden. We have one here in Boise that is BEAUTIFUL once the weather warms up and it always gives us some great ideas for plants to bring into our own yard.

Go yard sale hopping! This is something else Z and I did all the time before kids, and now its not as easy. Enjoy walking around trying to find treasures without having to keep an eye on the kids.

Explore your local thrift stores. We’ve found some of the best hole in the wall resale shops while out on a whim!

Watch airplanes. Theres a great spot where you can lay down on a field near the airport – it feels like the airplanes are flying RIGHT over you. We love laying down, talking about life and holding hands while we guess where people are going / coming from.

Try a new brewery and sample one of their beer flights together! Pick your favorite ones and see if you chose the same!

Go bowling! Z and I have done this for a few day dates and its always SO fun. We end up giggling and goofing off the entire time and come home feeling like teenagers.

Get a couples massage! You guys are working really hard as parents, you deserve some pampering. And lord knows my husband won’t join me for a pedicure 😉 Sites like Groupon always have great discounts!