sleep sack review

I know there are 1 million different sleep sacks out there. But one we’ve been using for over three years now is the Nested Bean sleep sack. Also known as their Zen Sack. Depending on how long you’ve been following me you know that J my middle kiddo was quite literally the world‘s worst sleeper. He was fine as long as someone was touching or holding him. But otherwise, sleep was non-existent. I think it was one of my 2 AM Instagram story crying sessions where Nested Bean reached out and offered to send me a sleep sack. At that point, I was desperate and willing to try anything. Well, we ended up liking it so much we bought an additional Zen Sack and they quickly became some of our favorites.

Is the Nested Bean Sleep Sack Worth it?


From the very first use, J went from like 30 minutes of sleep to about two to three hours. Which may not seem like much. But when you have been attempting to function on quite literally minutes of sleep here and there, a two-hour stretch feels pretty incredible.

Now for the science stuff


Apparently there is something called the “cuddle effect” where a parent’s touch is scientifically proven to soothe your baby and to help them sleep. The weighted sleep sack that we have from Nested Bean has a lightly weighted pad – and I mean it’s like barely anything, but apparently enough to make a difference. We’re talking between one and five ounces, depending on how big baby is. But those lightly weighted pads mimic the touch of your hand on your baby. So basically the sleep sack is supposed to emulate what your touch would be to your baby. And therefore is supposed to help your baby fall asleep faster, sleep better, sleep longer, and get healthier sleep. Because they’re actually able to go into their REM cycles etc. They claim that your baby will sleep better within three nights!

Nested Bean sleep sack options


1. First is Zen One, a convertible cotton swaddle! Suitable from birth to rolling over, so you need to stop using as soon as your baby is rolling over. We haven’t used this one, but I love that the arms can zip off! 2. Second is the Zen Swaddle, a soothing wrap. One that we have and love! It’s great because it prevents the startle reflex and is perfect for a newborn. This is another that you’ll need to stop as soon as they’re rolling over or by three months. Whichever happens first. But I stop any type of arms in swaddle at eight weeks by AAP recommendation. 3. And finally, the third option is the Zen Sack, a wearable blanket. It’s great for 3 months and up and safe for babies who are rolling over. One of my favorite things is that you can reverse it when baby is a belly sleeper!

Washing and Care Instructions


We throw our Nested Bean sleep sacks in the washing machine on a cold cycle, and hang or lay them flat to dry. Both of ours are over three years old and are still perfect. The only giveaway that they are 3+ years old is the little stains here and there. Because, you know, kids. I’m not saying the Nested Bean sleep sacks are going to solve world hunger or anything like that. But I will tell you that there is a noticeable difference in the amount of time that R will sleep on his own when he’s wearing and using the Nested Bean Zen Sack. Something really cool – Nested Bean allows for 60-day returns and provides you with free sleep advice with your purchase. The customer service has always been really great, too. And while I know these are more of an investment than other sleep sacks, again we have had ours for over three years, I have used them with two kids and we have two, which is the perfect amount for us.