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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Why We Chose Owlet + $25 Promo Code!

As my due date approached with H, there was one thing I was still on the hunt for: the best baby monitor I could find to give me some peace of mind. I searched for hours online, but couldn't find the perfect one that gave me all the details I wanted, so I settled and grabbed a random video monitor from a local baby shop during Black Friday.

I didn't do my due diligence, and just gave in to the thought that something was better than nothing. While the video monitor is fine, it gave me no peace of mind until after H was in his crib in his own room, which for us was at almost 12 months old. The entire fourth trimester (the first three months postpartum), I barely slept a wink. Every time I heard H fuss or move in his bassinet next to our bed, I was sure something was wrong. I was sure he would stop breathing in his sleep and I wouldn't know. It was all so new: parenthood and having a newborn, that my anxieties overrode my common sense and I legitimately probably only averaged about an hour a night. Sleep depravity is no joke, and only added to my postpartum anxiety and depression.

Because of my regret over not choosing a better monitor for the newborn period, I made it my biggest goal to find the best baby monitor for this rainbow baby that I could. One that would allow for heart rate monitoring, oxygen monitoring, and give me a little peace of mind to leave the room where baby is sleeping. One that would allow me to relax and breathe while baby Bear sleeps, and maybe even get some quality rest myself. I will always be my child's caregiver and the best monitor available, but in all my reading and googling, I discovered the Owlet Baby Care monitor, and know it's the best choice for my family.

This is a sponsored post, and does contain affiliate links!

Why I chose the Owlet Baby Care Monitor:

  1. I can use it from the start. Because the Owlet Baby Care Monitor comes with three different sock sizes, it will fit your baby from day one! And it isn't just for the first few months, either, the Owlet sock will fit your child up to one year, and most children up to eighteen months! 
  2. It employs hospital grade technology by using Pulse Oximetry, that fancy little clip they put on your finger to monitor your blood flow and oxygen levels! Hospitals have been using it for years, because it's safe, proven and accurate, and it helps to give me an extra set of eyes while myself and / or baby are asleep. Owlet worked with a team of pulse oximetry specialists, pediatricians, neonatologists and pulmonologists to determine the best and safest way to monitor baby and alert caregivers, and in my mind, you can't get better than that!
  3. Not only does Owlet Baby Care monitor baby's oxygen levels, but it monitors baby's heart rate as well. H was such a quiet sleeper, I could be right next to him and not hear anything unless he was grunting or having a deep, sleepy sigh, so the paranoid new mom that I was, I felt I had to constantly put my hand on his chest or my finger under his nose to make sure he was alive and breathing. I don't want to have to do that again with this baby!
  4. One of the biggest benefits that I see with the Owlet is that I get immediate, live access to baby's vitals. Our regular video monitor is great for listening in, but when you have a really quiet baby, you have no idea when something goes wrong. The Owlet's design will alert me if baby stops breathing or if baby's vitals are 'off'. If baby Bear's heart rate dips too low, or rises too high, or if the oxygen level drops below a certain threshold - I'm alerted immediately. The amount of peace of mind that this gives me is invaluable. 
  5. There are no wires! The Smart Sock (three sizes are included) fits snugly on baby's foot, and sends information to both your phone, as well as the wireless, independent base station. If you and your partner are away from baby during nap or bedtimes, you can pull up your Owlet iPhone or Android App and check in - how cool is that? Worried about if your phone dies? Don't be! The base station can work independently (off Wi-Fi) and is the primary way Owlet will alert you, with both flashing lights and a buzzer. 
  6. I never need to worry about having the right size batteries, since the Owlet Baby Care Monitor's sock is powered by a rechargeable coin cell battery! A quick in-between nap time charge once a day is good enough!

The Owlet Baby Care Monitor's tag line is "up all night, so you don't have to be" and that's exactly what I was hoping to find. As a second time mom this time around, I have a feeling I'll be a little more lax in some areas, but not when it comes to sleep safety. This time around, with my husband traveling so much of the time for work and not only having a newborn but also a toddler to keep up with, sleep will be far more essential. 

New parenthood comes with a whole tangle of new adventures and obstacles, and I'm all for finding the best baby gear to help ease anxieties and make life easier. With all the research I've done on the best baby monitor for my family, I am so excited to try out the Owlet Baby Care Monitor with baby Bear (whenever he or she decides to join the family, which is any day now!). The Owlet gives me exactly the information I need to put my mind at ease, and to allow baby and I to sleep soundly throughout the night. 

Once baby Bear is born and I get the chance to try it out for a month, I plan on coming back to update you all on our experience with the Owlet, so keep your eyes peeled, and let me know if you have any specific questions you want / need answered! Until then, head over and take advantage of this $25 off Promo Code for the Owlet, and learn more about why it might be a great fit for your family as well! 


  1. I've been thinking about getting one of these. It will be so reassuring to know that my baby is okay.

  2. I should have bought this with my little one!


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