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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Warby Parker At Home Try On #5

Another month, another box full of glasses frames from Warby Parker's At Home Try On Program, and so many of these were love! I finally got an updated eye exam and prescription (it only took me 3 years to do so...), so I'm officially on the official official hunt for a new pair of frames. I've spoken about my love for Warby Parker many times before, and the combination of convenience, pricing and customer service keeps getting better and confirming my decision to stick with their company. 

I am a really indecisive person (hence why I'm on box 5 and still can't make up my mind), so Warby Parker's "try before you buy" premise is awesome. I am able to scour their website and preview all of their available frames to make a list of each one I might like, and I can keep it up for as long as I so choose. This month I chose 5 pairs: Bensen frame in Belize Blue, Laurel in Tea Rose Fade, Nash in Greystone, Jennings in Striped Beach, and Topper in Whiskey Tortoise, added them to my cart, and checked out - all FO FREE. Yep, that's right. Zero dollars.

The Bensen frame eyeglasses are a wide fit, which I really like for my face shape. The Belize Blue is a gorgeous deep navy blue color that has an almost shibori tie-dye like pattern of medium to deep blues, and is super flattering. I really liked that the Bensen frame is rectangular, yet has softer angles which means it looks great on every face shape! These are definitely frames I can see myself wearing for my everyday mom life, but I think they'd be really cute even dressed up for drinks with the girls, or date night with the husband! 

Warby Parker's Laurel frame eyeglasses are a medium fit, but are still wide enough for my medium-wide face shape. I've actually already tried the Laurel eyeglasses... twice, in both the Peacock Green and the Oak Barrel colors. I loved the Peacock Green for fun, and thought the Oak color was gorgeous, but when I saw the new dual colored frames they released, I knew I had to try them. I am obsessed with how quirky and vintage they are, and they're oversized without being obnoxious. I can't decide how I feel about the color of these - part of me really loves the Tea Rose Fade, but part of me doesn't love them as much as I loved the other color options. However, the Laurel frames themselves are still top on my list!

The Nash frame eyeglasses are definitely a wide fit, and made me feel like a super professional architect when I put them on. I love love the Greystone coloring, it's not a flat grey, but rather striations of different light to dark greys (very similar to the dress I'm wearing in the photos actually!), and they are simple yet stunning. I'm still pretty undecided on how I feel about the Nash glasses, in some pictures I love how the large rectangular frames look, but in others I feel like they're just a little overwhelming for my face. This is another one of Warby Parker's frames that have a vintage like feel to them, and if you're a fan of angular glasses, I would highly suggest you check these out!

Warby Parker's Jennings eyeglasses are like those super cool club master frames that are way more flattering on than you imagined they would be. The Striped Beach coloring is awesome - it's an almost tortoise shell type pattern of dark beige, dark tan and light to medium browns, and is a color that would be flattering for any skin tone. If you're looking for a striking pair of glasses that make a killer impact, then the Jennings frames are worth a try. The bridge is straight across, but the base of the frames are very circular, and the keyhole bridge is just really cool. This is definitely a wider frame, and I would probably suggest it more for medium to large face sizes like my own!

The Topper frame eyeglasses were a valiant effort in my husband's quest to have me find a pair of super quirky vintage frames, but alas I just don't think they're very flattering on me. These are technically a medium frame, but are on the smaller side, so I think my face size is a little too large. I liked that the Topper doesn't have round lenses, but they aren't square either: it's a combination of a mostly circular frame, with some surprise angles cut in. Because these require a second look to really see everything they have to offer, the Topper is whimsical and unconventional and makes a bold statement, without being too in your face.

My favorites this time around were the Laurel (no surprise), Nash and Jennings, but there was something I liked about each frame that I tried. If you're in the market for new frames, but are short on time to go to your local glasses shops, then you need to check out Warby Parker! Because of their At Home Try On program, I have a whole list of frames in an assortment of different colors and shapes that I never would have been able to try on otherwise. There is so much to love about Warby Parker's service: getting 5 days to try on glasses in the comfort (and lighting!) of your own home, free shipping both ways, the philanthropic mission to provide a pair of glasses for someone in need for every pair that's sold, and the affordability, there's really nothing to lose out on by giving their At Home Try On program a try!

Have you tried Warby Parker yet? Which are your favorite frames? 


  1. I really like the Jennings glasses on you! Super cute styles and so convenient!

  2. Ok how is it that you look perfect in each of those?!

  3. Love the Laurel frames and LOVE Warby Parker. Can you believe they've opened a retail store at my local mall??? I've purposely stayed away... :)

  4. This is such a great idea!!! I need to have my husband try this. Thanks for sharing!


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