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Monday, September 12, 2016

Third Trimester Style: BohoBlu Elaine Swing Dress

My favorite closet staples for the third trimester of pregnancy? A super soft and comfy dress, a great layering piece that's seasonally appropriate, and appropriately supportive undergarments. When you combine all three, I'm basically on top of the world and feel like maybe I'm not the huge whale people keep commenting me to be! (Also, P.S. on the list of things not to say to a pregnant woman? Anything about her size. Unless you're just telling me how beautiful I look or how beautifully I carry, just smile and be on your way. The wide eye looks, guffaws, and "any day now?"s are SO not needed or lovely!)

One of my favorite Instagram boutiques for Women is BohoBlu. They have an amazing selection of affordable, yet stylish clothing, and I love that they have a little bit of everything - from tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, shoes, accessories, etc, you could build your entire wardrobe from their shop! BohoBlu also has pieces that are a little more trendy, as well as some great staples, so there's definitely something for everyone! (BohoBlu is super amazing and decided to share a discount code for everyone! Use coupon code "SHANNON10" to save 10% off your total purchase, from now until September 25th!)

Keep your eyes peeled for some of my favorite non maternity, yet pregnancy friendly outfits that I'll be featuring from their shop in the coming weeks!

BohoBlu's Elaine Swing Dress feels like silky butter, and I love how it moves as I walk! The midnight color is a gorgeous grey-ish mauve that is perfect for the changing season and is great for Fall! Because it's still so warm outside, I paired it with a light sleeveless paisley print kimono, but as it gets colder, I have big plans to pair it up with a chunky sweater, scarf and tights to make it the perfect outfit for Fall and Winter. My absolute favorite part about this dress? IT HAS POCKETS! So you know I had to have it! 

The Paisley Kimono is also from BohoBlu, but is unfortunately sold out right now (no surprise as its one of my favorite pieces!), and I love how it perfectly coordinates with the dusty purple color of the Elaine Swing Dress. The light fabric flows in the wind so beautifully, and is the perfect layering piece to add a little something to any outfit! I also added the Leiana Filigree Necklace Set from BohoBlu to pick up on the paisley print of the kimono and to tie in the grey color of my ankle boots. I am a huge fan of longer necklaces to add visual interest, and they're perfect to layer if you want to really amp up your look. The vintage design is so pretty, and I love how delicate the intricate design is. I wear it with everything from dresses to tees, and it looks great with all my outfits!

Want to check out more of what BohoBlu has to offer? Make sure to head over to their website and don't forget to use coupon code "SHANNON10" to save 10% off your total purchase, from now until September 25th!

My best friend for shorter dresses right now? Belly Bandit's 'Thighs Disguise' Maternity Support Shorts under EVERYTHING. They help to smooth over all the little lumps and bumps (and help tone down the crazy turkey baster belly button so people will stop comparing me to their Thanksgiving meals), and are really soft and supportive for my huge pregnant belly. The Thighs Disguise support shorts are made with Belly Bandit's signature WonderWeave fabric technology, so I not only get the benefits of clothes looking better, but they also provide a ton of support and help hold up my belly. As an added bonus, the fabric is super  light and breathable so I don't have to worry about overheating or visible lines, and they minimize the super fun chafing that has come from my expanding thighs. Belly support and shaping control for hips and thighs? Yeah, these puppies are incredible. I have them in black and nude and literally wear them under 90% of my outfits.

These Cole Haan grey suede Hayes ankle boots were an impulse purchase last Fall and I'm so glad my husband made me get them! They are perfectly neutral, without being brown or black, so they go with everything. I love the texture that the grey suede fabric brings to any outfit I rock with these, and  these beauties go with everything from dresses to leggings to jeans. Dressing them up or down is super easy, and they are easily some of the most comfortable heels I own - which is the only reason I'm still wearing them at this point in my pregnancy!

Shop the look here:

Once again, a HUGE thank you to Toni of Sydney Studios & Co for these gorgeous sunset pictures! Thanks to her amazing eye, Toni suggested we head to the top of a parking garage to really take advantage of the time of day and I am SO in love with how these all turned out! Sydney Studios & Co is a Boise, Idaho based photography business that shoots Senior pictures, Weddings, Engagement shoots, and more!

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  1. I can't get over how radiant you look in these pictures!


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