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Friday, September 16, 2016

Quick + Easy Snack Combination Ideas for Toddlers

Anyone else with a toddler who one day will eat anything you put in front of them, and the next will only eat cheese sticks? Anyone? Please say yes! This last month has been a total battle of the wills when it comes to H holding out on eating until he gets what he wants. Which he does, eventually, because I can't make myself send him to naps or bedtime without something in his stomach.

Because of this, I've been trying to come up with creative snack ideas that are both healthy, but also something he will actually eat. The first thing I did? Find awesome snack containers! I swear, put a peanut butter sandwich on a regular plate, and my toddler will push it away, but if it's on a dinosaur plate, or his digger plate? Oh man, step back and watch him chow down. These Snack in the Box and Drink in the Box, made with TritanTM plastic, holders both delight H because they look cool, but also make me happy because they're so durable and easy to clean! 

Do you need toddler snack inspiration? I'm sharing a few of H's favorite quick and easy snack combinations that help me feel good about what he's eating, and help keep the Hangry Toddler Monster away!

I usually fill one side of the Snack in the Box with a fruit or veggie and one side with a whole grain or protein source, so the possibilities are endless! Want to be able to look back at this for a quick reference? I'm feeling super sweet and in a giving mood, so just click on the image below for your FREE "Quick and Easy Toddler Snack Ideas for On The Go" PDF download!


Sliced Strawberries
Sliced Peaches
Pear Slices
Cubed Melon
Apple Slices
Dried Fruit


Cherry Tomatos
Cucumber Sticks
Celery Sticks w/ Peanut Butter
Snap Peas
Frozen Corn
Frozen Peas
Sweet Potato Sticks


Cubed Chicken
Cubed Ham
Cheese cubes

Carbs / Grain:

Cereal (Chex, Cheerios, etc)
Whole Grain Crackers
Animal Crackers
Goldfish Crackers

Other fun add-ins:

Trail Mix
Fruit Snacks
Mini Cookies
Yogurt Melts
Veggie Straws

Why do I like the Precidio Snack in the Box or Drink in the Box? 

Let me count the ways: 
  • They're made with TritanTM plastic, and thoughtfully designed for families with children. I always thought plastic was plastic was plastic, but after talking to the Eastman Tritan company, I was really impressed with the thought that goes into their plastic, and how their plastic is on a totally different level. 
  • They're safe, durable, and super easy to clean. How durable? It's lasted over a month with a toddler who's nicknames include "Hulk" and "Tornado", and multiple tantrum throws. Considering how many of the latter there are these days (thanks, toddlerhood), a month with any one product in this house is like putting it through a year of use. The Eastman TritanTM plastic that these snack packs are made of have a greater shatter resistance than other plastics, so that means a longer lifespan, and I don't have to worry about it cracking or warping in the heat of the dishwasher!
  • Both the Snack in the Box and Drink in the Box are lightweight, so they're easy for H to carry around and hold on his own, and he's less likely to drop them because of that. 
  • Easy to see through. Because the TritanTM plastic that the Snack and Drink in the Boxes are made of looks like glass, I don't have to wonder about what's inside. It's easy to see the beverage and the snacks that we keep in them, which also means I know when H is about to run out of munchies, and can grab more to refill the snack or drink container(s). Other plastic snack systems we were using started to get scratchy and hazy as we washed them, but the TritanTM plastic components retain their clarity and color despite all the dishwashing (and aforementioned tantrum throws). 
  • The TritamTM plastic components are free of BPA and BPS
  • The Snack in the Box and Drink in the Box just look really cool. As I mentioned earlier, H is far more likely to eat / drink / do something if it is visually appealing to him, and he's totally obsessed with his "big boy juice box" and "two snack box" because of that. The bright colors are really fun, and he likes helping me fill them up and peeking at the contents they hold!

Thank you to Eastman TritanTM for sponsoring today's post, and helping make snack time a little easier! Make sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to learn more about what other products are made with TritanTM!

Does your toddler have any favorite snack combinations? I'd love to hear about them below!


  1. What great tips for snacking on the go. When my kids were small, they drove me nuts about what they'd eat. One day they'd like something and the next day they didn't lol. Love these handy little containers.

    1. Thank you Terri! That's exactly how my son is too :)

  2. Where were you a few years ago?? Lol my daughter is such a picky eater and shes turning 5, and now I can't get her to try new things! I wish I'd known some of these sooner! They are awesome!

    1. Ha I feel your pain! I think that's why I'm doing so much to combat it now! Because I'm hoping the more I work on it with him while he's younger, the better of an eater he will be when he gets older!

  3. Ummm...yes!!! I always pack the same things for my kids for their snacks. You gave me a bunch of new ideas! Thanks so much! I needed this post! Oh, and the containers??? So awesome!

  4. I really like the fact that the container is compact, easy to bring along with you during trips or dates with the kids. I think it's a great idea to fill the containers with healthy snack ideas, especially the fruits and the veggies!

  5. OMG, I absolutely LOVE these containers. The drink in a box is just way too cute, and soo convenient. My toddler is definitely a little snacker, and I love to have choices on hand at all times. We're heading to the beach this weekend, and these containers would be absolutely perfect. Thanks so much for sharing! <3

  6. Wow! I love your containers especially the green one. My toddler loves trail mixes.

  7. Wow! I love your containers especially the green one. My toddler loves trail mixes.

  8. Oh I love those containers! I'm always looking for new and fun ideas that are healthy. too. Luckily my kids love fruit also so that's easy to chop up an apple with some pb on the go or carrot sticks and grapes cut up too.

  9. Love these ideas and the boxes too!

  10. Great ideas! I'll definitely be trying these. And such cool snack containers!

  11. This is genius! I need to invest in some of these boxes for sure:) Thanks for the great snack ideas too!

  12. Oh I love those boxes! They make it super easy to pack snacks!

  13. Such a great list t have on hand when I am stumped! Thank you <3

  14. Great ideas! And those are the cutest little snack boxes ever!!

    Amber |

  15. So honestly I'd love to have these little snack boxes for me self. Yes I'm in my mid-twenties haha I love these snack combos I am a big snack fan!

  16. Oh my! The containers are so lovely. I love it! What a great list!

  17. Where has this list been all my life... er, my toddler's life? I love those little boxes too!

  18. My son was great as a toddler with eating a variety of foods. He's not so much anymore. 0h boy it's tough sometimes.

  19. Great info! My granddaughter is 15 months old and I have been trying to figure out what to keep handy for her.

  20. These are such fun ideas! I need to to invest in one of these sets for snack and drink for my kids.

  21. These containers are pretty cool. I love both the food and the drink boxes. I don't know much about toddlers and their mean eating habits but I guess a healthy snack is a must.

  22. Those little boxes are so cute. I'm always looking for a good way to take snacks on the go, without them getting all over the place!

  23. What an awesome snack and juice box. Wish they had them when my kids were toddlers. Also great snack ideas list :)

  24. What a great list of toddler snacks!!! My daughter ate a lot of these when she was itty bitty!!!!

  25. I love all these suggestions.
    I remember how I made my own baby foods even.
    This is how kids should eat.

  26. wish we have this here so I can send with my kids when they go to their MAPEH classes. i love that they can see through what they're snacking and that it's bpa free.


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