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Monday, August 15, 2016

Home Office on a Budget: a Cost Effective Solution to #MakeMoreHappen for Small Business Owners at Staples

I was asked to participate in the #MakeMoreHappen campaign, sponsored by Staples. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

We have recently gone through some pretty huge changes in our family. I am now a Work from Home Mom, and my husband has recently had an awesome job opportunity come his way that completely changed his usual work structure. Rather than going into an office everyday, he is now working remotely from home and traveling more for business.

We are still getting adjusted to how our days are now structured much differently, but the first thing we came to realize is that we needed up upgrade our office situation, and fast. What I previously called my office was a makeshift desk my husband had assembled for me in my son's playroom - it worked just fine for me, as my work requirements and hours were much more flexible, but now that my husband is working from home and conducting online business meetings and conference calls, we quickly discovered that having H's toys in the background was just not a professional look (I know, shocker)!

As a small business owner myself, I'll be honest: my budget is tight. I don't have a lot of wiggle room in what I can spend each month, so I needed to find an affordable way to optimize my small budget in order to find a cost effective solution for my home office needs. Want to know how we did it all for just about $250? Staples Small Business Center!

Sitting down to come up with a list of things we both needed in a new office, it became clear that our budget was going to be a concern. We basically needed to completely start over again and stock up on all the basics that an employer provides: pens, paper, etc, as well as upgrade my current very cute, but not very supportive or comfortable office set up. Luckily, I remembered the Staples Weekly Ad email I had just received earlier that day that alerted me of their Daily Deals, and all the special sales they were having on office basics and furniture. Additionally, I had earned quite a few Staples Rewards that I had been saving, so this was the perfect opportunity to use them!

The first place we went when we got to Staples? My favorite section: the pens! And do you know what I noticed first? Staples had their own "generic" brand of everything (not just pens and pencils!), and the prices were awesome. Seeing how much we would save by just purchasing Staples brand got me really excited about being able to stick to our budget of $250, and I also selfishly liked that it meant I got to buy even more pretty colored office goodies to brighten up our work space!

Buying Staples generic brand doesn't mean I sacrificed on quality, either. We've been using everything for almost a month now, and the products are *exactly* the same quality that I was previously paying a lot more for brand names. If you are a Small Business owner, work from home, or have a kid in school, I highly recommend that you join Staples Rewards program to maximize your savings. Through their Rewards program, you earn up to 5% back in rewards on every purchase you make, plus free shipping on online orders over $14.99, as well as $2 back per recycled ink cartridge, and Staples lowest price guarantee - so you know you're getting the best price, every time. As fate would have it, a few days before we went on our Staples shopping spree to furnish our new home office on a budget, I received an email from Staples offering me an upgrade to 15% back in rewards with a special coupon thanks to the Rewards program. With my bonus Rewards coupon, I earned a ton of rewards to use for a few extra office supplies!

Here's what we purchased to set up our home office for my small business and my husband's home office needs: Everything is the high quality of goods that we have come to expect and need on a daily basis, but at super affordable prices thanks to the Staples brand!

Staples Carder Mesh Office Chair $99.99
Staples ® No. 2 Mechanical Pencils, 12pk, 0.7mm $2.79 on special promotion for $0.75
Staples® Hype!™Pen-Style Highlighters, Yellow, 6/Pack $5.49 on special promotion for $3

My total for everything above plus a few extras? Just under $167! When I was price comparing the products we purchased from the Staples brand to the same products from other brands, my total quickly went over $200 before I gave up keeping track. Over a $40 difference for the same exact things? Color me impressed!

Because I'm in the business of blogging and am sent items to try out and review, and my husband needed a place to put his extra files, etc, we quickly realized after we got home that we needed some type of storage system. We didn't want anything too permanent, and liked the idea of a shelving unit that we could easily move around if we needed to move the office later down the road. Because we still had a ton of extra money in the budget, and I had some rewards to use, we decided to go back to Staples to look for s solution. We found this awesome Staples® Wire Shelving, 4 Shelves, 72" x 48" x 18", Chrome for $134.99 and it is perfect for what we need, still looks really sleek in our office, and keeps everything in view for when we need it!

With the shelving system, I did go over my original budget of $250 by a little (my total before using rewards would have been right around $300), but by using price matching, special promotions, and my rewards dollars, I was able to stay on budget and get everything we need for our home based office! 

The walls are still a little sad (aka: bare) if you ask me, but the Husband isn't a big fan of wall decor, and likes things as minimal as possible. I compromised and we painted the inset behind the desk a really fun minty green color to add a little color, and I might just start sneaking little things up there when he leaves on his business trips to see if he notices. A little tip to save you on your home printing if you're a printable junky like myself: I love using the Staples Print Center for low cost wall prints, etc! The quality is far better than my home printer, you can pick it up the same afternoon if you'd like, and the prices are great. I have a few just waiting in my cart to be sent over, and I think once I get those printed and we hang up the dry erase board, it'll really liven the place up! For now, I'll keep H's scribbles that he makes me while I work in our home office as our main source of wall decor. Those little wriggly lines and squiggles help remind me why we work so hard - to give him the best life possible! 

A big thank you to Staples for providing me with a gift card to accomplish our goal of finding a cost effective way to furnish and stock our home office so we can #MakeMoreHappen!

How do you keep costs low for your home business needs? Have you checked out Staples Small Business Center yet? If not - I highly suggest you do!


  1. Lovely home office. I like the small drawer by the side, drawer organizers are the answer to my drawers!

  2. great office! love how you did it :) I love staples supplies! it always inspires me to get more done :P


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