Much.Most.Darling.: Monday Introductions // Le Petit Fox Knits chunky hand knit scarves and accessories + a Giveaway!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Introductions // Le Petit Fox Knits chunky hand knit scarves and accessories + a Giveaway!

Anneliese and I connected a few years ago, on her personal instagram, where we bonded over motherhood and the crazy hectic lives we lead with our littles. Her kiddos always had the cutest hats, including those adorable bear hoods, and scarves and I soon realized that this super sweet mama actually made them all herself! That lead me to tracking down her shop's Instagram page, where I fell in love with her talented knit creations, and we recently decided to team up for an awesomesauce giveaway, so that one of you could have the chance to win any scarf or hat from her shop! 

I'm rocking her custom chunky knit cowl in her perfectly-neutral oatmeal color in these photos and it is absolute perfection for this weird in-between weather. The yarn is so soft and I love the color variation that makes it looks so natural and comfy, but also a beautiful add-on accessory for any outfit because it goes with everything. I requested a little looser of a knit for the chunky knit cowl, because now that we are finally getting some warm days around here, I wanted to be able to wear it  without getting too hot, and it definitely fits the bill. The last time I rocked this cowl was on a day date to the movies with the Hubs, and it was just what I needed in the cool movie theatre. Of course, it didn't hurt that our server at lunch and the woman at the concession stand both stopped to tell me that they loved my scarf ;) 

Anneliese is a mama to 2 little boys, ages 1 and 3, and the creative force behind Le Petit Fox Knits. Her life is self described as "crazy chaotic and full of trains, trucks, booboos, sloppy kisses and big squeezes. Knitting is my calm in this crazy." Fun fact about Anneliese: her house is haunted! I love that she was able to turn something so cathartic and something she was passionate about into a business! 

She grew up surrounded by cozy blankies and sweaters, all knitted and hooked by her mama and nana. While neither is alive today to share in the bliss of her littles, unfortunately, after Anneliese's first was born, she had this overwhelming desire to learn to knit. She believes that it is because it somehow makes her feel closer to her mama and nana as she holds her wool and needles and finds her zen. Sharing her cozy goods with others only seemed natural and so Le Petit Fox Knits was born.

When Anneliese's first was born and she created her Etsy shop, she named her knit line Superfresh Babyknits, which is back in the day when I had discovered her shop. She dreamed of a whole line of tiny knitted baby goods and was absolutely smitten with the idea. Alas, it was only an idea because what organically unfolded was a line of cozy women's scarves. Anneliese took some time off during the pregnancy and birth of her second son to recoup and reset, and when she returned, she decided to rebrand with both of her littles in mind. Le Petit Fox Knits seemed like a natural choice in the rebranding process because it incorporates so much of her littles still without feeling like it solely focuses on baby goods. Ironically enough, once she decided to rebrand, she was immediately smitten with a line of newborn Pom Pom hats. Go figure!

Her biggest inspirations are both her mama and nana. Needle work was such a substantial part of her childhood. Anneliese's mama never went anywhere with out yarn and needles - she was always crafting something beautiful. She was an exquisite homemaker as well: she cooked, baked, sewed, knitted and kept a warm and inviting home while raising 5 children. It was really magnificent. Because of her mama, Anneliese has such fond memories forever inked in her mind. 

Anneliese has loved fashion forever. She went through a period around her pregnancies and births of her sons where it took a backseat, but she is slowly experiencing an awakening where revamping her closet, taking better care of herself and showing up and dressing the part are important to her now more than ever. As a stay at home mama, she think it is so easy to get lost in the shuffle. Anneliese has experienced that loss and is eager to find a little bit of herself again.

Balance for Anneliese is all about staying true to her values. Her family always comes first. Always. Everything else is optional for her. She believes she is very fortunate to be able to stay home with her littles and truly cherishes this time with them, even with all the craziness. Her side hustle is a passion of hers, but it will never trump her littles. 

When she's not creating beautiful knit scarves for mamas and littles, Anneliese is forever surrounded by family and constantly tending to her littles. She is trying to carve out more time during her days to spend doing some of the things that she truly loves, like reading, cooking, baking, running, yoga and, of course, knitting. If she were ever to try out for The Voice, Anneliese would sing Bob Marley's Three Little Birds, because "really don't worry about a thing...". 

If you follow Le Petit Fox Knits on Instagram, you'll have seen her new line of Pom Pom hats, and they will have probably given you all the heart eyes! It's no wonder that Anneliese has a huge crush her beautiful Pom Pom hats, they are super adorable and cozy as anything and totally carried her through a blizzard recently. The Ewok Hood has also been a staple in her house for years! And her family loves it! 

Anneliese has been amazing to work with, and has been so supportive of me - both professionally and personally. She knows I'm feeling a little anxious and have been really sick this pregnancy with my sweet rainbow baby, and she always has the most comforting, yet real, words that I need to hear. Being a mama is hard, and can be very isolating, but Anneliese is such a warm and wonderful soul that I feel very fortunate to 'know' her and call her a friend - even if it is only online!

And because she wants to share something with you all, Anneliese is offering up a giveaway of any hat or scarf from her shop to one of you! The only exclusion would be the bear / ewok hoods, but other than that her shop is fair game, and it is FULL of beautiful knits for you, a friend, your little, or anyone you can think of! Please make sure to check out Le Petit Fox Knits on Etsy (and click that 'favorite' button to be notified of all her new goodies), and follow along on Le Petit Fox Knit's Instagram page to see all the beauty that she creates! 


  1. I love that blue chunky double loop infinity scarf! <3! Thanks so much for this giveaway! :]

  2. This is so cute! Great giveaway :)

  3. I would choose the Chunky Knit Scarf Stone. Thanks so much.

  4. I would choose the Toddler cowl/ toddler scarf in charcoal
    Thank You for the chance

    Fiona N

  5. I have been investigating your online journal for a couple of hours. Much thanks to you for your post it demonstrated supportive for me.


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