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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Irresistible Me Silky Touch Clip In Hair Extensions

Hi strangers! I know it's been a little while, ok... more than a little while, but toddlerhood / motherhood / wifeyhood / property managing sometimes need to take precedent, and a social media / blogging break was desperately needed. I'm back with a bang, today, though, because I'm super excited to share with you a major wish list item that I finally got the chance to check off - Irresistible Me's clip-in human hair extensions!

Ever since I can remember, I've had long hair. I'm usually a no-muss-no-fuss kinda girl, so the easier it is to throw up into a messy bun or lazily put into a very un-pinterest worthy braid, the better, and long hair has always fit that bill. For a hot second in my Senior year of High School, I decided I wanted a fresh start and chopped off somewhere between 14 and 16 inches of hair to donate to Locks of Love and instantly regretted how short I went because it meant constant upkeep thanks to my very thick and wavy mane. 

About six months ago, however, I decided I was so over the awkward postpartum hair loss regrowth stage (yes, it lasted forever - some of us draw the short end of the stick when it comes to postpartum parting gifts), that I told my hair dresser to take off all the ratty ends, and then some. Six and a half inches of dead, lifeless locks lifted off my shoulders later, and my hair is slowly but surely finally getting back to its healthy, fuller self. 

Keyword: s  l  o  w  l  y

So, when Irresistible Me reached out to see if I was interested in collaborating, the inner long-haired pre-baby vixen in me said yes in a heartbeat. One of the side effects of motherhood is that 'sexy' isn't really a word in my vocabulary anymore, especially with my shorter hair. Don't get me wrong, I love how much easier and faster it is to wash and style my hair, but there's just something about a full, thick head of long wavy hair that screams 'sexy' and 'this-ain't-your-everyday-yoga-pant-wearing-frumpy-mama'. It may be vain, I know, but it's something that every Cosmopolitan (and those hidden, back-row magazines) confirm as well. 

With a little help from the Hubs, I decided to try out Irresistible Me's Silky Touch Clip In Hair Extensions, and chose the 200g 20 inch length in the Silky Chocolate Brown Color, as I knew it would give me the most dramatic transformation without being overwhelming. The Silky Touch line is Irresistible Me's best selling and is 100% Remy human hair, so I can do everything to them that I would my own hair - curl them, straighten them, dye them, cut them, etc. 

Because I'm an extension newbie, the Silky Touch was definitely the best choice for my beginner level of 'expertise'. I watched a ton of YouTube videos on how to properly apply Irresistible Me's clip in hair extensions, but honestly the best thing I did was sit in front of the mirror during Hulk bebe's nap time, and practice putting them in again and again. When I first opened my package from Irresistible Me, I will admit that I was really overwhelmed. The 200g set comes with 10 pieces, which is way more than I had anticipated. The most I've ever used in the few times I've had the chance to try them on is five - two of the 3 clips, one of the 4 clips, and then two of the 2 clips, and it was exactly the length and volume I was looking for. 

As a reference, here's a picture from about a week ago to show you what my hair normally looks like when styled, vs how it looks with Irresistible Me's clip in extensions:

The most difficult part of the process was figuring out where on my head all of the pieces go, and then how to make them all fit the best. I'm still not 100% pro with them yet, but the more I use them the better and easier it gets! I was a little nervous about how the clip in extensions would feel when I wore them, but I was surprised to find that there was no pulling sensation on my head, they didn't give me any type of ache, and after a little while I forgot I was wearing them. 

While they're definitely not a daily occurrence for me (ummm hello extensions + robots and dinosaurs is basically an accident waiting to happen), Irresistible Me's Silky Touch Clip In Hair Extensions are a really fun way to amp up my look. Most importantly however, they remind me of the sexy woman I sometimes used to be, and I love the way the add a little more bounce to my step.

For major #hairgoals, make sure to follow along with @IrresistibleMe_Hair on Instagram, and check out their #irresistiblegram inspo!

Have you ever tried extensions?


  1. Oh my gosh they look AMAZING!!! I can't believe they are clip in.

  2. So beautiful! Love how it still looks so comfy but lovely! :)


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