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Friday, January 22, 2016

Trunk Club for Men Review

So today I'm switching it up big time. A few of you have messaged me asking about fashion subscription boxes for the men in your life, so I did my best googling and started looking for some. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of different companies that I found, and based on reviews and what he saw from the websites, the Hubs decided to start with Trunk Club

I'm now going to hand the reigns over to my dude to fill you in on his experience, in his words.  I'm really excited to add a new experience for ya'll and to start helping the men in your life find some goodies for themselves as well! 

From the Hubs:
I chose Trunk Club because they seemed to embody my style. I liked that they are a personal styling service for men, as my days are busy and we don't have much free time on the weekends. When I was looking around their website I felt that the offerings would fit my particular style and taste. I have been wanting some new work clothing to elevate my style and to replace some older pieces I have in the closet, so I started the process of receiving my first Trunk.  
The process was really easy. I signed up online, answered some style questions, gave my sizes and added any special notes I wanted my stylist to know. I received an email really soon after I had set up my profile that had my stylists name in it and it let me know that she would be contacting me for a brief 5-10 minute phone consultation to get to know me a little more.  
The phone call lasted 10 minutes, but I left the phone call feeling a little conflicted. I gave my stylist a lot of information on my personal likes and dislikes but I was a little concerned that she wasn't really connecting with what I was saying. 24 hours after the phone consultation you are sent a preview of what your stylist picked contents are, and you are given the option to edit the contents of the box if there are things that you don't like. When I saw the clothing my stylist had included, my fears were confirmed - it didn't feel like she was really taking my style into consideration. It just kind of felt like my stylist didn't take my style preferences to heart. The contents of the preview left me feeling disheartened and nervous, so I edited out most of the contents she sent me in the preview. 
Kent & Curwen SB Notch Wool Blazer + Ledbury Parker Flannel Button Up + Trafalgar Manchester Belt + Theory Marlo New Tailor Pant + H by Hudson Cruise Calf Chukka Boots
My first impressions: The box was packaged really nicely, and legitimately looked like a trunk with the design, which was cool, but the contents left me less than thrilled. They included 10 items in my box, ranging from a pair of socks and a belt to jeans and button ups. The box reaffirmed my previous thoughts after viewing the box online, disheartened. I also noticed that my stylist ended up including a lot of what I had taken out, which left me a little confused.   
Here's what he was sent:
  1. Paige Denim Normandie Slim Straight Jeans: $179
  2. H by Hudson Cruise Calf Chukka Boots: $255
  3. Trafalgar Manchester Belt: $70 (Also on Amazon)
  4. Jonathan Adler Raincloud Combed Cotton Crew Socks: $14
  5. Ledbury Parker Flannel Button Up: $145
  6. J Shoes Templar Monk Strap Shoes: $207
  7. Kent & Curwen SB Notch Wool Blazer: $1095
  8. Theory Marlo New Tailor Pant: $225
  9. Billy Reid John T Shirt: $185
  10. Jeremy Argyle Fitted Multi Large Stripe Plaid Shirt: $148
Jeremy Argyle Fitted Multi Large Stripe Plaid Shirt + Paige Denim Normandie Slim Straight Jeans + J Shoes Templar Monk Strap Shoes
Things didn't really get better when I started trying on all of my Trunk Club pieces. Again, I wish I could say I had a better experience but only 2 of the items fit correctly: the theory pants and blue window pane shirt. My impressions of the outfits once they were on was that nothing really went together at all, which was a bummer considering I was asking for work outfits and pieces that would easily go with other things in my closet. The more casual button ups didn't really go with the blazer, one pair of the jeans were too large in the waist and specifically a wash I said I didn't like, and the shoes did not fit - one pair were too large, and another was too small.  I really liked the blazer, but had a hard time justifying it for over $1000.00. Plus, we found the exact same Ledbury Parker Flannel Button Up on the designer's website for $75, and the same H by Hudson Cruise Calf Chukka Boots on several different websites for $146.58 on Amazon and $191.25 at Bloomingdales. A quick google search also lead me to find that the Jonathan Adler Raincloud Combed Cotton Crew Socks were recently on Groupon for $2.97 a pair, and the J Shoes Templar Monk Strap Shoes are on sale on the designer's website for $135 (plus you can get 10% off when you sign up for their email list). Billy Reed's website also has the John T Shirt on sale for $99.50, so if you look at the differences in the pricing, it adds up to over $345...
Overall, I honestly felt like the clothing was more for for a mid 40s male trying to look younger. I am  admittedly by far the pickiest man that has probably ever existed (just ask my wife!), especially with clothing and fit. However, I gave my stylist the most information I could and was very specific with brands I wear, what sizes I wear depending on the cut, fits I like, exact shoulder and neck measurements, colors that I preferred. I was so disappointed that I immediately returned the box and contacted Trunk Club to tell them of my woes with the service. 
Kent & Curwen SB Notch Wool Blazer + Billy Reid John T Shirt + Trafalgar Manchester Belt + Paige Denim Normandie Slim Straight Jeans + H by Hudson Cruise Calf Chukka Boots
When I'm paying for a premium service, I feel like I have certain expectations. For example, when I go into a store like Nordstrom, I expect great service and knowledgeable and helpful employees, because that's what I've received from them since my first shopping experience. Yes, they are a higher priced retailer, but the service I get makes it worth it. The niche that Trunk Club operates in is a premium high-priced service, and unfortunately I wasn't privy to a premium experience.
Yikes! His words are a little harsh, but I don't know if I would have been able to say it any other way. I was really excited for him to start getting boxes like I did, and for him to upgrade some of his work shirts and shoes that he's had for years, but I was so bummed to see the look of disappointment when he opened his box from Trunk Club. When he started pulling things out and saying "Why did she send this to me? I took this out of my box in the preview! It doesn't make any sense!", I just felt bad he was so disappointed, and that the only thing he loved out of the box was an eleven hundred dollar blazer. I mean, I love the man, but we'd have to start doing things very differently to be able to afford that kind of a 'wear it once in a blue moon' jacket. 

Trunk Club did apologize for the mishap that was his first box, and we set up a second one for him to try out. They changed his stylist and the Hubs had another in depth phone call with her about what he didn't like from the first box and what he was looking for, and was very very detailed about his wishes. However, his second Trunk Club box was worse than his first, so we didn't take any pictures. The shirts they sent were the wrong cuts and fits, and they sent him a pair of jeans that I could have barely squeezed into and were skinnier than my skinniest jeans, so we had a good giggle over them. His second box did have a few great blazers, but they weren't anything he needed in his current work situation, so knowing that they would just sit in the back of the closet unused, he sent them back as well. 

So, now we're on the hunt for a new men's fashion subscription box service, and I've already found a few I'm excited to show him that are a little more budget friendly! Are there any that you've seen or heard of? Or any that you would recommend?

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  1. what a cool service! Love the outfits :)

  2. I have heard good things about this service and getting my husband to actually go into the store is impossible!! So, it may be in our future! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Very good to know! I had no idea services like this existed!

  4. My husband generally makes fun of my subscription services, but as someone who is shopping averse, I feel like Trunk Club might be good for him.

  5. I was thinking about signing my brother up for this service for his upcoming birthday. He does a pretty good job on his own, but could use some help. - Katy

  6. Oh man, that is disappointing! I am so sorry you and the hubs had such a crap experience. I was really excited for this idea when I saw your tweet. Please post if you find any services that work out better because my hubs is picky and I think he would love this type of shopping.

  7. I'm sorry he didn't have a great experience. I would love to find something like that for my husband but an $1100 coat would be out of the question for my retired hubby!

  8. Love the service, great style for the every occasion


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