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Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Introductions: Wright Design Co + Giveaway!

If you've checked out my Instagram lately, then you've already gotten a sneak peek into today's Monday Introductions feature. Those adorable moccasins H has been rocking everywhere we go? Wright Design Co at it's best! 

Wright Design Co is run by the amazing husband and wife duo of Jake and Celeste Wright. While Celeste was pregnant with their daughter, Lila, she she found some teething necklaces at a retail store. However, she was frustrated by the price point and the lack of variety of styles available, so she set out to see if they could create some that would be not only less expensive, but more importantly would be stylish enough for women to actually want to wear. Celeste and Jake wanted the pieces they created to be both practical and seen as legitimate jewelry pieces, which they believe they have accomplished, and thus, Wright Design Co was born!

Jake and Celeste wanted their business to be two things: a joint effort between the two of them as a family, and also a creative outlet through which they could design functional pieces that were original and unique to them. The desire to start Wright Design Co was there before Lila was born, but since welcoming her into the world, their drive has only increased. Lila has inherited the role of "tester" and both Jake and Celeste actually use each and every one of their products with her daily. Because of this, they maintain a good perception of how both fun and functional they all really are.

Both Jake and Celeste have definitely always been interested in fashion, and in fact style and creativity were a focal point of their relationship since we very beginning of their relationship. One of the first things that they bonded over was their similar taste in clothing and music. My husband and I actually first connected over our love of the same bands at a local retail store where we both worked, so it's fun to hear of other couples starting the same way! Things have changed a little these days, as they both feel that children's fashion has become even more fun than adult lines.

I always ask the small businesses what their secret is for balance, especially when they're parents. I have such a hard time getting it 'all' done with H, I can't even imagine trying to run a home based business on top of every day parenthood and wifedom, so I am always in awe of the men and women figuring it all out. Jake and Celeste both say that there's no magic answer for them when it comes to balance. Running a business from home with a little one can be taxing and difficult, but they find that setting realistic daily, weekly, and monthly goals and objectives helps them to stay on track. Jake says that they also have to let themselves "be OK with curve balls and setbacks, because there are also victories and pleasant surprises". That being said they are always, always busy.

If you follow along with either Jake's or Celeste's Instagram pages, then you'll notice that they love the outdoors. When they're lucky enough to get some free time thats exactly where they head. Whether it be a hike or just some time in the park, they love to be out in the open air. Everyday, at least once a day, they take a family walk together to take advantage of the Colorado air. Celeste thoroughly enjoys yoga, and Jake tries to get a bike ride in whenever he can. They also do a lot of cooking, and try to experience new local restaurants as often as they can. Something they do at least once a day together as a family every single day is going out on a walk in the Colorado air. While Jake is no singer, if he had to pick a song to sing to audition for The Voice, he would choose "Skinny Love" by - Bon Iver (one of my personal favorite bands of all time). Simply because although he would surely butcher it, he loves to sing along to it while he's packaging orders, regardless of how awful he may sound, because trying to match Justin Vernon's vocals is simply a good time. I'm totally guilty of busting out Skinny Love and Blood Bank when I'm on a cleaning spree, so I love that we have that in common!

Jake and Celeste do have some personal favorite pieces from Wright Design Co. For Celeste it's the Parvati necklace that has a mix of both geometric and round silicone and wooden beads and is absolutely stunning. Jake really likes the round beaded Willow and Manhattan necklaces, which would both look amazing in any mama's accessory collection. Little miss Lila is probably the biggest fan of her coffee moccasins, and with the rich, warm brown color, they are definitely a closet staple for her wardrobe. For our personal use, I am thoroughly obsessed with my stackable silicone teething bracelet. H has been teething like a bandit lately, and rather then let him gnaw on his or my fingers for relief, he has the mix of wooden and silicone beads to ease his discomfort. I also love the beautiful neutral palette of the set, because I've been able to wear them with everything, and they blend in beautifully without screaming "THIS IS TEETHING JEWELRY!". H's current favorite are the "baby moccasins in black with ivory feathers". He literally won't let me take them off most days, but they're soft enough that he's made it through multi-hour naps without complaining of any discomfort, and they don't leave him with any irritation marks on his ankles either! I love the black and white monochrome look, because they are easy to coordinate with any outfit, and H loves that he feels like a bird and jumps super extra high when he's wearing them!

If there is one thing that Jake and Celeste would like to express to everyone, it is that they are tremendously grateful for the opportunity they have to not only to work creatively, but also for the fact that what they do allows them to spend so much time together as a family. Jake says "you cannot place a value on time spent as a family, especially when your children are so little and are constantly reaching new milestones and growing so rapidly. We are constantly reminded of what a blessing this business is to our family."

Make sure to follow along with Jake and Celeste (and Lila!) on their Instagram page to keep up with all their new releases, sale info, and fun goodies, and enter to win any item from their shop below!

To thank you for allowing them to pursue this dream, I have partnered up with Jake and Celeste to give away any one item in the shop to one of you! You may choose from Wright Design Co's necklaces, bracelets, animal teethers, or moccasins to make your own. Any of these items would be a great addition into yours or your little one's closet, but they all make great baby shower or birthday gifts as well! 


  1. I just found your site from Grow Your Blog and I love reading what I’ve found so far :) I will be a first time mom coming up here in March and I just adore the baby moccasins! I would probably go for the brown or navy blue ones from Wright Design Co...and I just love Etsy. Thanks so much for sharing and hosting this giveaway!

    You can find me over at Primarily Inspired ( :)

  2. I absolutely love the white moccasins with a bow, however I know my daughter would get them SO DIRTY!

  3. Wow, everything is so cute! I think I like the baby moccasins in silver the best for my little girl right now because they are super cute and look like they should stay on her feet.

  4. I'd choose the Baby Moccasins in Plum for my daughter.

  5. I really like the Juliet Teething Necklace in their shop.


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