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Friday, January 8, 2016

December Stitch Fix Review

Another month, another Stitch Fix box to review! Last month's November Fix (check it out here) was a success by all means, and I'm still lamenting over returning that wonderful Mavi Lian open cardigan. Because of my successes the last few Fixes, I had really high hopes for this box. I told my stylist this time that I was open to a little more adventurous pieces, and I asked for something ritzy for a New Years party as well as something that I could wear for my son's birthday party. 

StitchFix is a personal shopper-esque experience, all done from the comfort of your own home! You do pay $20 for the service, but it’s credited back to you if you purchase anything from the box, and if you keep all five items they also give you a 25% “buy all” discount.

- When you sign up, you have to take a super detailed survey about your sizes, style preference, body type, etc. They ask you what feels like a million questions to get to know what your comfort zone is and if there are any colors, trends, fabrics that you want to stay away from (like my choices: orange, polyester and wool). Here you can also give them links to your Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest inspiration board – which is highly recommend to get an even better style vibe so they can choose your perfect pieces.

– After filling out your “style profile”, you can choose when you’d like your “Fix” scheduled and how often you’d like it to be delivered. I chose a one time Fix just to try things out and make sure that I would want to continue.

– 5 items are chosen for you based on your survey and shipped out to you by your requested delivery date.

– Once you receive your box, you get to try everything on and decide what you keep and what you return. You also log into your account and give them feedback on what they sent. You answer questions about the fit, pricing, and style and are given the opportunity to tell them why you did or didn’t keep each item.

– What you don’t like gets put into the pre-paid return mailer within 3 days of receiving your Fix, and that’s it!

Inside my Fix this time were:
  1. RD STYLE #13623-272 Gia Dress
  2. STACCATO #15258-106 Bjorn Geo Knit Draped Front Cardigan
  3. FUN2FUN #15395-027 Torrey Henley Button Top
  4. GILLI #14441-481 Annmarie Sweater Knit Pencil Skirt
  5. SKIES ARE BLUE #14761-978 Lopez Boat Neck Pullover Sweater
The note from my stylist this time said:
"Shannon, your video turned me all smiles and I hope #5 is a winner too! To start off: plaid, what's not to love? The Torrey is a unique take on the plaid button down with a henry button and a mandarin inspired collar. For the upcoming birthday celebration try the Annmarie pencil skirt a slogan tee or tank and your light wash denim button down for a casual put together look. You said you loved the marled knit of the Mavi cardigan so I sent along the Lopez pullover. Its a light and airy sweater perfect for layering. When new years rolls around slip on the Gia dress. This classic LBD will add definite vavavoom to the night and the length will be tres chic on you. Try layering this with the geo print Bjorn cardigan and step into your favorite heels. I hope your holidays are happy and I look forward to styling you next year. Cheers - Larkin"
RD STYLE #13623-272
Gia Dress $58

This was slightly elevated from a basic LBD, as it was beautifully textured with horizontal striped details. My only issue with the dress was the fit - it is a little tight around the bust and so it flares around the armpits, which means I won't be able to wear the dress on its own and I'll always have to layer it. I also just bought an actual designer label dress like this that fits me perfectly from Nordstrom Rack for $12, so away it goes!
Verdict: Return

STACCATO #15258-106
Bjorn Geo Knit Draped Front Cardigan $58

Yikes Yikes Yikes. Color wise, I'm not a fan of navy and black combined, ever. The only thing this sweater had going for it was the print, I did like the geometric / aztec vibe. Plus, it's just like all the other sweaters I've sent back that are too thin and cheap feeling. To drive home the point that it wouldn't survive life with a toddler, it arrived with a hole in the back already, and it just didn't feel good when I put it on. Nope!
Verdict: Return

FUN2FUN #15395-027
Torrey Henley Button Top $48

I understand where Larkin was coming from with this one in some ways - she knows I love black and white and plaid, but the fit was just like the Collective Concepts Hesperia top that I sent back in August. I am not a fan of half-button short flowy tunic tops, because they just make me look several months pregnant, and don't flatter my body shape at all. This Fun2Fun Torrey henley was just all wrong - the cut was too short and the material too thin. 
Verdict: Return

GILLI #14441-481
Annmarie Sweater Knit Pencil Skirt $58

This was SO much cuter in person than in pictures! The colors were rich and I loved that it was navy rather than black, however, once again the fit was just wrong. It was too big on my waist, but fit well over my hips, so it didn't sit quite at the right place, and the fabric was on the thinner side so it was impossible to tuck any of my shirts into without visible lumps. This is the one item I seriously considered keeping, just because it was SO pretty. 
Verdict: Return
SKIES ARE BLUE #14761-978
Lopez Boat Neck Pullover Sweater $64

This is another piece that was so close to being awesome, but just barely missed the mark. I wanted to love it but the fit was weird, like really weird - it was really short on my torso, like really really short, and the drape was bad. I could be standing up perfectly straight and there were all these weird lumps and bulges that were not happening because of my body. The color was awesome - I love cobalt blue, and Larkin hit the nail on the head with the marled knit look, but missed the mark on the fabric. It was so thin that once again it was a snag-magnet in a house riddled with dinosaur horns and lego bits. 
Verdict: Return

Overall, this Stitch Fix was... ok. I did notice was that the prices were lower than my last fix, which I appreciate, but I still don't feel as though any of the items were all worth the prices listed on Stitch Fix. Also, I was really frustrated with the two sweaters they sent me, as I've mentioned several times that I really do not care for those waterfall type cardigans - they look terrible on me, and I really REALLY don't like the thin chintzy knits that snag on everything that they seem to keep sending me. 

I think I'm going to take a break from Stitch Fix for a minute to try out some other clothing subscription services - do you have any recommendations?
I'd love to hear any other experiences you've had with other companies!


  1. Ditto - my last Fix was mediocre to terrible! I have had 1 awesome box out of the 4 I've purchased, and I *want* to love everything in them, but just don't. They are comping my next styling fee, but they better hit it out of the park. [I didn't know there were other clothing subscription services that weren't rentals. I'll have to look into them!]

  2. I have heard a lot of similar things about stitch fix. It sucks that they kind of miss the mark.

  3. Hmm strange! I think all of those outfits look super cute on you!

  4. I actually really like the Henley Button top on you! I only did 2 months on Stitch Fix but it just didn't work for me - I do a lot better shopping on my own (Nordstrom Rack is my favorite) and get exactly what I want at much better prices!

  5. It's been a while since I got my last Stitch Fix. I think you look great in all five pieces!

  6. I'm really glad to have read this. It is such an HONEST review, which I appreciate. That's a bummer that you returned all the items. Great post though!
    Danielle Greco -

  7. I hate clothes shopping but not enough to join a programme like this. Not for me but loved to read your experience.

  8. I loved your gilet it was an interesting and loved the shirt x

  9. Those are all nice outfits! I like outfits 1, 3, and 5 the most. I love the colors too, perfect for this season, definitely.

  10. I have not tried Stitch Fix but I love the outfits that came. Great styles! I especially like the Bjorn Knit.

  11. I love the combinations and especially the shoes and boots. They look fab..ooh and the hat too!

  12. I had not heard of this service. I am not a fashion person. My daughter is my stylist and I would love to order clothes and just have them delivered to my house you look adorable in all these outfits.

  13. I've never heard this program before, but I found interesting. Love all your outfit.

  14. I Never heard about this before but looks like a good service

  15. You look so cute ! Love the outfits, look very comfortable

  16. That's too bad they just missed the mark. That floral skirt really is pretty. I thought you looked best in the blue/black cardigan you hated, lol. Just goes to show you... everyone's got a different opinion. :)

  17. I think those outfits are pretty cute. I'm sorry that that they didn't work for you.

  18. looks like something that could very much be used

  19. Omg what fabulous pieces you hit this month! Every article of clothing... Just so chic!

  20. I enjoyed reading your post. It's just too bad that these none of these pieces make a perfect fit for you. The navy and black cardigan looked okay though.

  21. The black dress under plaid shirt looks cozy and stylish. It's a pity that this dress doesn't fit you.


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