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Friday, December 11, 2015

November Stitch Fix

This month's Stitch Fix was AWESOME! If you remember my last Fix, it was kind of a huge disaster, and I was feeling pretty bummed about the entire experience. My faith was reaffirmed in the wonderful people of Stitch Fix, however, because a previous stylist actually reached out to me to apologize for my disappointment and offered to do another fix for me and she would waive the $20 styling fee (since I had lost out on that $20 from the last fix for not keeping anything). I thanked her for reaching out and took her up on her offer and I am SO glad that I did, because even before I had a chance to try it all on, I LOVED all the colors and textures, and it feels like my stylist definitely listened to me this time around!

If you want to check out my November Stitch Fix Unboxing video to see my first impressions, check it out here (and start around 4:00 if you want to skip the intro and get straight to the clothing!).

Inside my Fix this time were:

  1. Mavi #12314-337 Lian Open Cardigan
  2. PIXLEY #11909-117 Tarnow Sweater Sleeve Cargo Jacket
  3. OLIVE & OAK #12769-188 Tania Button Down Top
  4. THML #13159-349 Tavia Pullover Sweater
  5. LE LIS #13340-649 Artosa V-Neck Layered Hem Knit Top

I'll tell you right off the bat that I legitimately almost kept everything from this fix, but stinky budgeting and a recent shopping spree had the responsible side of my brain telling me to choose my two favorites. I mean, even my HUSBAND told me to keep it ALL! Hello - that NEVER happens. He's always the first to ask me "uh... are you sure you really need another sweater / tee / shirt / piece of clothing", so him telling me to keep it all was just confirmation of how amazing of a Fix my November box was.

Mavi Lian Open Cardigan $68

This is probably the one that I regret returning the most. It was a wonderfully textured, chunky knit, black and white marled open cardigan - which is something I have been wanting for a while. It was worlds better than any of the other cardigans that Stitch Fix had sent me, and yet, something about it had me second-guessing keeping it. It was really heavy, but not very warm, which was part of my issue. Because of the weight of the sweater, it my arms looked saggy and a little like I belonged at the old folks home with my bingo wings. This also meant it was really hard to layer under any of my jackets, so because of that it was kind of rendered useless during Idaho's winters. Even with its faults, it was seriously the perfect neutral and went with everything in my closet, but for almost $70, I just couldn't make it work.
Verdict? Return, sadly. 

Pixley Tarnow Sweater Sleeve Cargo Jacket $78

This is my second favorite piece of the whole box. Pictures don't do this Pixley Tarnow Sweater Sleeved Cargo Jacket justice - it is way cute. The sleeves are an actual sweater knit - not just a printed chintzy fabric, so they're warmer than I expected, and I'm such a sucker for the adorable black and white pattern that goes perfectly with the olive green. I love that there are inner drawstrings so i can make it a little more fitted around my waist to give the jacket more shape, and then I feel like I'm totally rocking the super girly - yet tough look, like a boss. The price tag hurts me, especially considering I just picked up this amazing Military Parka from Banana Republic for $60, but I couldn't find anything else I liked online or in any of my stores locally, so in the closet it stayed.
Verdict? Kept!

Olive & Oak Tania Button Down Top - $64

This is easily my (and my husbands!) favorite piece in the entire Fix. It is super soft and screams Fall, and is super "tuckable", which is my go-to move with button downs. I will say this - Olive & Oak is actually sold on Amazon, and the items go on sale quite frequently, so it was really hard to justify the almost $70 for this "Olive & Oak for Stitch Fix Exclusive". This dress is almost the exact same pattern and keeps going down to around $47-52 with the recent promo codes Amazon has been putting out and I'm thiiiiiiiiis close to getting it because of how often I wear this button up. (Update: I totally bought it, because the size medium was down to $47.80, and then I used code 25CLOTHING to get it for only $35.85 - there was no way I could pass that up!) The only downer to this button down is the fact that is is really thin so it's not nearly as warm as my other plaid button ups, and while the silky feeling of the fabric feels great on my skin, it also means that rolling / cuffing the sleeves is nearly impossible, because they always fall down. Overall though, the coloring was so perfect, and my birthday was coming up so into my wardrobe it went.
Final Verdict? Kept!

THML Tavia Pullover Sweater - $68

I wanted to like this, so much. When I opened it in my unboxing video, I loved the stripes, and how there were varying thicknesses of said stripes, and I loved the navy color. I was super unsure about the so-called 'mustard' color, because it was way more of a pea green, and it looked very short and boxy. My worries were confirmed as soon as I tried it on, because it. was. bad. So bad. It looked hugenormous out of the box, so I thought it would be a cute oversized fit, but with how short it is, it just didn't work for my frame at all. Additionally, the material was kind of scratchy and did not feel even remotely close to $70 worth of quality. This was a huge disappointment.
Verdict? Returned. 

LE LIS Artosa V-Neck Layered Hem Knit Top - $54

Easily one of the softest things that has ever touched my skin. Another top that I was thiiiis close to keeping, this Artosa V Neck Layered Hem Knit Top was the most beautiful shade of purple, and so perfect for Fall and Winter. The detailing was absolutely beautiful, and it would have been perfect to throw over skinny jeans for playdates or the grocery store, but as soon as I decided to return the THML Tavia Pullover Sweater, this puppy was next to go. I would have been super happy to keep it and rock the ish out of this easy-to-throw-on blouse, but in my quest to minimize, I'm trying to make sure each and every piece that goes into my closet now is complete love.
Verdict? Return

I'm already having returners remorse by not keeping the Mavi Lian Open Cardigan, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a similar black and white marled chunky knit cardigan - so if you see one, please let me know! The biggest downer for this month's Stitch Fix box were the prices - I'm working on simplifying and buying quality over quantity, but the average pricing for this box was like $70, which is just crazy, especially considering that none of the tops / sweater / jacket super felt like a $70+ piece. I know I'm sometimes a cheapskate, but many of the pieces I felt were totally overpriced for what they were and if I wouldn't have had a little Stitch Fix credit to use like a promo code, then I'm not quite sure if I would have kept even the two that I did.

That being said, I am VERY happy overall with my Stitch Fix picks, and I already have another one scheduled for later this month! As a special saving incentive, if you order your next Fix through my link here and use the Stitch Fix promo code HOLIDAYTREAT, you can get your $20 styling fee waived!

What do you think? What would you have kept and returned? 


  1. I have been wanting to try Stitch Fix for some time now but just can't seem to do it as it seems there are always so many mixed reviews and a lot of people have complained about the price points or that they have found the items elsewhere for cheaper. I love most of the items that you were sent. As a sweater, cardi lover I probably would have kept that open sweater. Loved the colors and knit. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. The cardigan and the button down top are just so very darling! I love them and the plaid print is just perfect. Stitch Fix does sound like fun, I'd love to see something similar in the UK!

    Lottie xx

  3. Cute looks, they all look great on you! Thanks for sharing!
    Love that green vest, so versatile...
    Fashion and travel

  4. LOVE that cargo jacket! All the pieces looked great on you, but I totally agree on the prices of the Stitch Fix boxes... which is why I don't do them, but would love to! You are not a cheapskate, just practical.

  5. These are all so cute! I would LOVE to do stitch fix, dang budget lol. I could not image spending $50+ on a single piece of clothing. They all look so perfect on you!

  6. I love the cardigan! I would have kept that but I completely understand with the price why it was sent back!

  7. I absolutely love the jacket and the flannel.
    So so cute!

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  8. Very cute pieces. I probably would have kept the sweater, it looked really comfortable. Glad you had a better experience the second time around!

  9. I love the IDEA of Stitch Fix, but in reality I don't think it would work for me. I just want a stylist to come visit me and design me a whole new wardrobe...

  10. This was a really good fix! I especially love the flannel and cardigan!

  11. I have been thinking about joining StyleFix for months now. I think you convinced me. Love this post.

  12. I think you got some great stuff. I love that jacket so much!

  13. I don't think I can love Stitch Fix more! Everything in your box looks fab! I especially love the cargo jacket! Score!

  14. This is such a neat concept. For me I would either be screwed because I'm so picky or because I wanted to keep it all lol you got some great pieces my favorite was the Olive & Oak Tania Button Down Top.

  15. Love love love the jacket you kept!! It's great!!

  16. I really like that flannel! Great choice to keep it!


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