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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

BloomsyBox: Farm fresh flowers, straight to your door every month

This past two months have been really really rough for our family. The days and weeks have absolutely dragged on, our stress levels have been really high, and were all a bit 'off' because of it. I have been trying to snap myself out of this funk by going on walks and little mini getaways with H and the Hubby, but sometimes it's just hard to do, especially with how dark and grey it is outside nowadays. I was going to a few of our local stores and buying flowers to help brighten up our space, but they were only lasting a few days before they started wilting and dying off, and it started to get expensive having to buy multiple bouquets a week. 

BloomsyBox contacted me about a month ago, during what I might consider one of my worst weeks this year, to chat about working together, and after looking through their website and seeing what they had to offer, I unashamedly jumped at the opportunity. BloomsyBox is a flowers of the month club where each subscriber is sent a handpicked single-variety bouquet monthly. I love me some subscription boxes, as they make life so much easier, and its nice to actually get something in the mail other than bills, bills, more bills, and a few junk mail pieces thrown in for good measure. Going out to the mailbox to open a package always makes me giddy and feel a little bit like Christmas morning, which I so desperately needed. 

About a week later, a courier politely knocked on my door (thank goodness for sleeping baby signs!), and as soon as I opened my door I saw the telling long white box with a BloomsyBox sticker on the side. I quickly picked up the package, grabbed a pair of scissors and filled a vase with some water and was greeted with not only the most beautiful smell, but also a gorgeous and bright bouquet of Orange Crush roses and two little notes. A funny thing happened then - I smiled. A real, big, warmth-inducing smile. 

As I mentioned before, whenever I'm feeling a little blue, I love having fresh flowers in the house. The cold, grey days that have reared their ugly head have done nothing to help my down-in-the-dumps attitude, and I'm convinced that having fresh flowers in my line of sight is good for my health. The bright color and light fragrant smell combined do wonders to combat my blues, and I have several friends who have corroborated the magical powers of fresh flowers.

Weddings and celebrations are littered with beautiful gathered flowers, by why limit them to just special occasions? Especially in the winter, when gardens have ceased to offer up any bounty other than brown sticks that have lost all their leaves and color, having flowers in your house has actually been scientifically proven to decrease feelings of stress, anxiety and depression! Simply put, flowers are basically like a cheaper version of Xanax, with no side effects, and they smell wonderful. 

Want more benefits of having fresh flowers? Displaying flowers around your home or workplace not only encourage a more positive state of mind, but they also have been shown to increase both productivity and creativity - both of which this very tired mama needs help with. 

BloomsyBox makes enjoying the benefits of flowers around your home and office super easy. With a few clicks, you can set your home or office up with a beautiful handpicked bouquet each month (or more frequently if you so wish).

These blooms are not like the ones you'll find at your local supermarket, however. BloomsyBox only sends you premium flowers that have been hand picked, fresh from sustainable farms to your front door - in less than 48 hours to ensure the best quality and absolute freshness. These pictures were taken eight days after my flowers were delivered and placed into a vase, and as you can see, they still look gorgeous - miles above and beyond my sad supermarket flowers. It took over two full weeks (16 days to be exact), for my blooms to start looking a little sad, and almost three weeks (19 days) for the entire bouquet to start turning, which is pretty incredible if you ask me!

There are three different sizes of bouquets that you can choose from - small, medium or large. The small monthly flower subscription starts at $34.99 per month, and might contain roses, hydrangeas, gerberas, alstroemerias, daisies to name a few. You might find mini calla lillies, roses, hydrangeas, gerberas, and much more in your medium Bloomsy bouquet, which is $38.99 per month and will have 20 - 30 stems of beautiful color included. The Bloomsy L box at $48.99 per month is the big shebang, and will definitely make a huge impact in your home with orchids, tulips, mini calla lilies, hydrangeas or more. 

The only caveat? You don't get to choose your flowers - which I actually liked. There are so few surprises left these days, that it's kind of nice to have to wait until you open the package to know what flowers you're getting. Either way, they are sure to be beautiful and brighten your entire home!

Make sure to follow along with BloomsyBox on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube to stay up to date on contests, giveaways, promotions and to see all their beautiful blooms!

Does this sound like a service you or someone you know could use?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BloomsyBox.


  1. What a great idea! I love having fresh flowers but never think to pick them up!

  2. Those are definitely some beautiful flowers! And I definitely love the idea of getting a new bunch of flowers delivered every month, at least during the winter when I can't grow my own :)

    Jane |

  3. Now that sounds wonderful dear. Flowers at home give it a beautiful ambience. I live near San Francisco Florist shop and get flowers from him regularly; for my home. His flowers are fresh and make me feel full of positivity.


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