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Monday, October 5, 2015

Introducing Lillebaby's new Essentials carrier

Babywearing is my savior. No question. LILLEbaby, specifically has been my go-to carrier brand for the last year because of how comfortable they are, and I am SO excited to finally be able to share something that has been in the works for a while:

LILLEbaby's new ESSENTIALS carrier!

Finally! A soft structured carrier that is budget friendly, comfortable, and anything but basic!

The LILLEbaby Essentials carrier is not only a new trendy print (with more to come), but also a completely new design. LILLEbaby wanted to bring a budget friendly carrier to the market that parents and caregivers could afford, and thus the Essentials was born! With new 3-way straps that feature a new personal fit adjuster, and 4 carrying positions, LILLEbaby's affordable new Essentials line is making it easier and more affordable to wear your little ones.

The most amazing part? The price! LILLEbaby's new Essentials carrier has a suggested retail price of way below $100: $89.99 USD!

When I was pregnant with H, I knew I wanted to wear him, but there were SO many different carriers in the market, I wasn't sure where to start. My biggest deciding factor was price, as we were on a  tight budget from moving, and price ended up being a huge deal breaker for many other 'popular' carriers. Before experiencing the amazingness that is baby wearing, I didn't really want to invest in a carrier that I may or may not love.

This glorious new LILLEbaby Essentials carrier is made for people like me. It is such a great gateway into baby wearing as it provides all the basic needs - safety, comfort, and quality at an affordable price! LILLEbaby is a very well trusted name in the baby wearing industry, and thanks to their desire to make baby wearing available to more families, their Essentials design will be able to do just that!

This new design provides you with exactly what it's name suggests - the essentials, plus a little extra.
With this new Essentials carrier from LILLEbaby priced at $89.99, you get the following features:
  • A 15 - 45 pound weight capacity
    • Once the infant insert is released in early 2016, the weight capacity will expand to be able to accommodate infants from 7 - 45 pounds!
  • 4 different carrying positions once the infant insert is released
    • Newborn carry, Front carry, Side carry and Back carry
  • 3 way adjustable straps that feature personal fit adjusters (PFAs). 
  • The ability to cross the straps.
  • An mesh, stow-able attached hood.
  • Large double pocket.
  • Quality cotton canvas material.
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • $89.99 USD MSRP

I am a huge advocate for LILLEbaby, because of how they've made baby wearing fit into our life. This new Essentials carrier has so much to love about it that makes it the perfect extra carrier for my family:
  • The amazing price point. At $89.99 USD MSRP, the price is affordable and budget friendly, which I really appreciate as a SAHM with one income for our family. 
  • The Essentials is super easy to adjust. With the two way adjusting straps, plus the PFAs, both my husband and I are able to get the perfect fit for us quickly and easily. 
  • Easy to use. Not only is the carrier easy to adjust, it's easy to use overall. I usually have to adjust everything for my husband once he puts the carrier on, but with the Essentials he was able to do it himself without any direction from me.
  • Easy to breastfeed in. Since my toddler is still nursing, this is a crucial aspect of any new purchase that comes into my home. The Essentials *might* even be easier than the Original Complete models that I have to breast feed in, which I credit partially to the PFAs. I'm even able to loosen and lower H just by the PFAs many times without having to loosen the shoulder straps!
  • Easy to hip carry. I never use the hip carry because it's sometimes more complicated than I can handle, but the Essentials almost seems like it was made for hip carrying - I didn't even need to watch a Youtube video to be able to get a great fit!
  • Easy high back carry. I was able to get a very comfortable high back carry on my first try! 
  • Longevity of use. Even without the infant insert, this Essentials carrier safely allows you to carry your little one from 15 to 45 pounds! H is around 28 pounds at almost 2 years old, so we still have a long time to use it. Plus, with the removable infant insert that is being released in early 2016, you'll be able to start using the LILLEbaby Essentials at 7 pounds, which is great for newborns! Plus, because it's coming from a trusted name, I know I'll be able to use this Essentials for not only H, but also any other children we have.
  • It's pretty! Yes, I'm vain, but I love that LILLEbaby offers me trendy and fashionable prints like this gender neutral gray chevron print! I've worn it with plaid, solids, floral and more and somehow it just goes with EVERYTHING! 

While I do miss the lumbar support that my LILLEbaby Complete models have, the Essentials carrier is lumbar compatible, so all I have to do is borrow a lumbar piece from another LILLE and I'm good to go! I also miss the extra padding that my other models have, however this Essentials model is so much lighter and the slim profile means that it's super easy to stow in my diaper bag or trunk so I always have a carrier with me.

I love that LILLEbaby is making baby wearing more accessible for those of us on tighter budgets! This Essentials makes for a great intro into baby wearing, but its also been an amazing back up carrier  to my Complete models. I can keep the Essentials in my car or in my Boken diaper bag so that I know I always have a carrier wherever we go and I'm also thinking of making this the carrier we leave at my parents house for time they're watching H and want to take him out somewhere, because it's so easy to use.

Intrigued? Find it here!

Are you excited about this amazing new wallet-friendly carrier that's also super stylish from LILLEbaby? What is your favorite feature?

Disclaimer: I did receive this carrier complimentary as a part of the Lillebaby Ambassador Program to test out and review, and this post contains affiliate links. Regardless, all opinions are my own! 


  1. I"ll have to keep this in mind when I have a baby! Thanks for the info ;)

  2. What a gorgeous carrier that is. I am loving the pattern on it :)

  3. Love the carrier and the pattern. I know someone who could use this! It would be a good gift too.

  4. Love that it holds older babies. It makes things easier for mom.

  5. I love the design, and it's bigger so the child has more room to move in. Great review!

  6. I've heard really good things about this carrier.

  7. Great information and review. Love the design.

  8. I always liked back-wearing so I'm glad this is versatile enough to do that!

  9. My babies have past the point of baby wearing. But the Lillebaby baby carrier would have been fabulous when I younger babies.

  10. This baby carrier looks very well made and sturdy. Cute design too. Price is very reasonable

  11. Great information and review. I need this for my baby i always carrying him i didn't do the house choirs. also love the design

  12. I had my fair share of baby carriers when the twins were still small. But I never used something that looks as durable as this.

  13. Wish my daughter had heard of this when she wa sin the market for one. Seems so versatile.

  14. That looks like a great carrier. I love that it can also be worn on the back!

  15. This looks like a strong and sturdy baby carrier. I will get this for my cousin. She's in the market for one.

  16. These looks so cute.... Love the design

  17. This would be perfect for those moments you need a third hand.

  18. This baby carrier looks absolutely perfect love the neutral design and it is so sturdy as well.

  19. It looks like baby carriers have come a long way since I last used one (my younger is 21) but I loved being able to carry her so close and have my hands free and she loved it and usually fell straight to sleep.

  20. I love the various options on how to carry the baby. Sure could have used this when my kiddos were little.


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