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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What I Wore // Mama Style ft Alterre Shoes

Have you ever carried multiple pairs of shoes with you to work? Or are you one of those people who has to carry an extra suitcase on your vacations because you struggle with picking out only a few pairs of your shoes to take with you because you want to make sure you have a pair to match each outfit?

Enter Alterre, a brand new company who is going to blow your mind with what they've done to the shoe game.

No, you're not seeing things.
Yes, Alterre has created an incredibly versatile shoe that is not only beautifully chic, but also astonishingly comfortable! 

With their patent pending technology, you can "mix and match your shoes to fit your lifestyle". There are over 65 combinations, which means it is easy to transform your look from day to night and pack light for your next vacation. Both customizable and comfortable, they are the perfect pair for any occasion. These shoes are as versatile as you are!

Alterre recently sent me a Blush Sandal and two 'looks': the Marilyn in Evening Sky and the Billie in black suede and I have been having so much fun trying out the different combinations and wearing them around town. Honestly, they are both probably slightly more on the dressy side, but I wanted to showcase how easy it is to dress them up or down, with only a few slight modifications. 

The basic outfit is the same - a black maxi from the Gap, a gorgeous handmade turquoise stone necklace from Annies Nest Designs, bronze bracelet and the Alterre Blush Sandal base 'lift'

For the casual look, I left my glasses, added a denim jacket, and am wearing the Marilyn in Evening Sky with the blush sandal. The deep deep navy blue of the Marilyn 'looks' pairs beautifully with the creamy blush color of the sandals, and the ankle wrap around look is somehow simultaneously classic and sexy. Marilyn definitely adds a "flirtatious flare to even the most professional pencil skirt", but is also super easy to dress down as Ive shown here with my current favorite maxi dress. 

For the dressy look, I took off the glasses and the denim jacket, added a pair of sunglasses, swiped on some lipstick, and switched my Marilyn look for the Billie look in black. I am totally enamored with the Billie look! I love that I can actually take off the fringed part if I want, so I get 2 looks out of one strap! I appreciate that Alterre decided to use a suede material with these fringe looks - it makes them subtly more dressy and adds so much texture and depth. The black and 'greige' color of the Billie looks so fun and beautiful with the subtle creamy pink of the blush sandal and I've found it really easy to dress up for a date night with the hubs, as shown here, or they are also really easy to dress down for running errands. The Billie in black will definitely put some swing into your step with a very vintage inspired look. "Billie is perfect for stylishly running errands or dancing the night away."

Feeling a little intimidated by the change up aspect? Fear not! The directions are super easy to read and follow, and changing out my straps was a breeze. Honestly. I promise, no masters in quantum physics required, just opposable thumbs!

Not only are their shoes amazing, the packaging that Alterre sends these out in is adorable. I'm a sucker for detail, and I could tell that they really care about first impressions and quality from the second I opened the box. 

So lets chat about why you need some Alterre lifts and looks in your wardrobe. 

They are easy on your feet. Alterre designed their shoes with comfort in mind. Their padded insoles, cushioned sock liners, and soft leather uppers make sure your feet stay happy. I walked around Costco for over an hour wearing an almost 30 pound toddler after a morning at the farmer's market, and never had any discomfort.

You can change your look from day to night. Be it from a morning at the office to a dinner with friends or a hot date, the modern woman needs versatility in her wardrobe, and Alterre delivers. With over 65 unique combinations between 5 looks (straps) with 2-3 color ways each and 2 lifts (base shoes) in 3 color ways each, you're sure to find several combinations that work for you!

They are perfect for traveling light. No more packing extra suitcases for your shoes or stuffing your suitcase so full you have to sit on it so that it'll shut. Alterre's modular design allows you to carry multiple options while maximizing space.

They are made well. Alterre designs and prototypes their shoes in-house in New York City, and then  has them produced with fair labor in Sapiranga, Brazil. They have personally visited the factory and worked closely with them to ensure the best quality product as well as healthy working conditions. 

They Give Back. Alterre donates 5% of the profits to Restore NYC, a rehabilitation center for sex trafficked women. They are "inspired by strong women and [they] would like to honor these role models of endurance and survival".

Make sure you stay connected with Alterre through Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on specials, new releases, and more information!

Would this be a type of shoe you would want to add to your wardrobe?


  1. Wow, that's so nice, I can have many style in one shoe!

    The Flower Duet

  2. That's a clever concept! And they look very nice too!

  3. That is a really neat concept. I only wear shoes like that when I dress up, but wouldn't mind having a pair in my closet just in case.

  4. Such a great idea! Make me think "Why didn't I think of that"!

  5. I love this concept, it's like getting two pairs of shoes for one :)

    Clothes & Quotes

  6. What a neat shoe. I like that I can get so many looks out of a shoe.

  7. That is an interesting idea. I be there are some happy people to see that

  8. Cool idea - and love your outfit and especially your bracelet and necklace!

  9. What a great Idea!! I love the combination of your black dress with denim jacket!!

  10. These are so lovely too. Will need to check them out further, thanks for sharing. Visiting from Blogger Love fb group.
    Rachel xo

  11. This is kind of genius! Seriously, I've definitely had the multiple pairs of shoes in the backseat of my car before haha!

  12. Beautiful style, love the sandals. Look so comfy and classy

  13. I love how comfy your outfit is for today! Those sandals look like you can wear them all day!

  14. I love the look you have created for the black dress. You look gorgeous. The sandals are stunning!

  15. Awesome footwear. Lots of styles in one shoe!

  16. Love the versatility of this shoe. What a really neat idea.

  17. Wow...those shoes are the smartest thing ever. I love them.

  18. simple neat and nice! keep it up! I hope to see more innovations such as these! lesser shoe closet nightmare! =)

  19. This is such a great idea. Very versatile, cute, and comfy shoes. Love all the outfits too. My wife would love this!

  20. These shoes are right up me and my daughters alley. It would make life so much easier. And make our closets less crowded.

  21. Love it, the outfit compliments the shoes very well.


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