Much.Most.Darling.: 4th of July Weekend Recap

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July Weekend Recap

We're finally starting to settle into our normal routine after our whirlwind of a weekend celebrating the 4th. For some reason, we thought it'd be a great idea to make the 2 hour drive to my family's cabin at 3 o'clock in the morning when Hubby got off work, rather than try to combat the holiday traffic the next morning. The last time we drove at that hour, we were going a much further distance and H transferred from his crib to his carseat super easily and slept most of the time we were on the road, but this time he was apparently super excited to be getting out of town so he was awake and not super excited to be strapped into his torture device (aka: carseat) for an excruciating 2 hours. H may not have loved it, but I will say having no other cars on the road made for a super easy drive and we made great time.

We got to the cabin around 4:45am, but because H was pretty wound up, we didn't end up getting him to sleep until almost 5:30. Thank goodness my parents were there with us, because when he woke up at 8:30, the Hubs and I were barely functioning and they graciously offered to take the dude to breakfast with them to let us sleep in a little more.

I always love going to the cabin, because it's in this picturesque little sleepy town with a couple really awesome thrift stores and delicious restaurants, but that all changes on the 4th - I swear the population increases 20fold! College kids, families, and tons of people pour in and flood the streets and lake and there's a buzz about everywhere you turn. Thankfully, our cabin is right in town, so we can usually walk everywhere and don't have to deal with too much of the traffic, and it's actually pretty awesome to see the Saturday market vendors almost sold out of everything because of all the extra shoppers. 

My parents grabbed us breakfast while we napped, so after we woke up we headed downtown to scour our favorite shops and take in all the sights. I usually only wear H in the LILLEbaby whenever we head out of town because he isn't usually a fan of strollers and not begin able to see / touch me, but when the temperatures are over 97* and you stupidly wear a long sleeve button up chambray and turn yourself into a sweatbox - you bring yourself options. 

Our new Quinny Yezz stroller is kind of one of the greatest things ever and is so perfect for bringing along with us on all of our trips! It's incredibly lightweight at only 11 pounds and folds up super compactly so we never have any issues fitting it into the tiny tiny trunk of Hubby's Prius, or storing it in a closet and out of the way wherever we are. We've only had it about 2 weeks now but we are using it almost everyday around town to run errands because H enjoys it so much, so it's definitely going on my list of Must Haves for traveling with a baby or toddler! Andplusalso - my mom may have fought me to use it to push H around, so it even gets the Grandparent approval! 

After we all refreshed with an afternoon nap, we headed over to have a cookout with some family friends at one of the local campgrounds. Off to one side, it opened up to a little shallow beach on the Payette Lake so it was perfect to take H to, and the kid was in his element! He was giggling and talking to the waves, running in and out of the water fearlessly and and wriggling the sand beneath his toes (and in his hands and fingers and hair and knees, etc, etc, etc). Had he had it his way, we would have stayed there all night, but we finally had to drag him away so we could eat!

I know I've said it before, but watching Hubby with H is kind of the best sight ever. He is definitely the more rough and tumble play type of parent, and H loves all the running around and chasing they do together. His sweet little giggles echoed across the campgrounds, and watching a toddler's chunky little thighs jiggle as he's in a complete euphoric canter and goofing off with his dad just warms my heart.  

Now that we've moved out of our parent's basement apartment and we don't see them every day, I think they're both treasuring the time they have with H more and more. My dad totally lights up when H is around, and always takes so much pride in introducing him to everyone he knows. One of my favorite parts about spending time with them now is how hands on they are and how much they love to teach and encourage H! H was obsessed with this huge log at the campsite, so my dad took advantage of that and taught him how to balance on it! (Disclaimer: please don't call CPS on me - we had like 5 adults around, spotting H just in case, and the log was probably less than a foot off the ground!)

Talk about heart warming - one part of our new bedtime routine is to let H choose a few books and he likes to 'read' them to us before we read them to him. Goodnight Oregon has been a favorite of his since we picked it up at the Oregon Zoo a few months ago, and he loves saying "Ny Ny" with us as we read. He tried as hard as he could to stay up for the fireworks, but after a few rounds of books and goodnight hugs and kisses, we put H to bed in the EuroVan! We're planning on borrowing it from my parents to take H out camping with us as soon as I can get the locking mechanism for the seat belts in order to install his carseat safely, so it was kind of awesome to try out and see how well he did sleeping in it!  

We drove back home early the next morning to meet up with Hubby's mom who was in town visiting and so she could watch H for us while we went out for a much-needed date night. We were all feeling a little wrecked Monday morning, as we never stopped moving all weekend, but there's something so refreshing about getting out of town for a little and it was so so nice to have some one on one time with the Hubby to talk about life and make some plans. 

How was your weekend? 
Did you do anything fun for the 4th?


  1. The baby made me laugh do much how he wad enjoying himself..and then how he bonded with grandpa God bless your family

  2. I need to look into that stroller! We really could use a quality light weight option...thanks!

    1. Seriously though - the BEST stroller we have ever used!

  3. Aww H is so cute, its always nice to spend time with family. I agree on when you go away even for the weekend it is awesome regardless of what you do its a mini vacay away from home

  4. Your little guy is so cute in the water and playing around. Looks like a great weekend was had!

  5. Replies
    1. It definitely is! And it was a little hidden gem we almost didn't see!

  6. sounds like quite a trip. Happy that you spent it with family and were able to enjoy yourselves. have a beautiful family!

  7. Awww sounds like y'all had a fabulous Fourth of July!!!! Such cute pics of your kiddos :)

  8. Sounds like you had an awesome time! You are brave waking the baby at 3 in the morning for a road trip - I would not be attempting that with my two - disaster!! H looks super cute as usual :)

  9. The pictures of your little one having a blast, put a big smile on my face. That alone was worth the whole holiday weekend! :-)


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