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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What I Wore // Mama Style: Date Night

Shirt: Sanctuary // Shorts: Gap // Boots: Sole Society // Sunglasses: Proof // 
Earrings: gift from Hello Fab // Necklace: Annie's Nest Design // Purse: Obey

The biggest change I've tried to make this year is to "date" my husband more.
Our trip to Vegas for his birthday this past December was our first real time together since H was born 11 months prior, and it was a huge eye opener. I realized that I had been putting my role as a wife and partner on the way (way way) back burner, which was not doing our relationship any good.
I love being a mom, but I was (and in all honesty, still kind of am) letting it consume my everyday. 

You may remember that I've decided to do monthly goals rather than big yearly resolutions, but this has been the one exception. My hubby and I promised each other that we were going to make each other more of a priority and do more together, sans baby
My parents live less than 20 minutes away and are always begging us to bring H over to them, so it was silly that we were never taking advantage of their offer. I was worried that by devoting time to us and leaving H with them that I was being selfish and neglecting what should be my primary focus right now, but now that H is getting older, I think it's more important than ever to help him be a little more independent from mama and to nurture and grow a relationship with the person I chose to spend the rest of my life with. 

Sometimes we go out for dinner, a movie, drinks - the whole romantic shebang, or we go to Dave & Busters and play every game we can, and sometimes we've even just gone for drinks and ended up at Winco at 10pm on a Saturday night walking up and down every single aisle, not even buying anything. The romance and quiet is a nice change to our daily hustle and bustle, but I'll admit my favorite dates are probably the ones where we act like goofy teenagers. 
We challenge each other to see who can get the highest score in basketball, who comes in first on the driving simulators or who wins the most tickets. 
We goof off, we make silly bets, we laugh so hard our cheeks hurt and it makes my heart so happy.

Dating again these past few months has helped us de-stress, relax and reconnect after a crazy first year of being parents. 
I'm starting to run out of ideas for us to do that won't break the bank, though, and I'd love some suggestions! 
So tell me - what do you and your significant other do for day dates / date nights??


  1. Omg loving the outfit!! I need to get a crossover purse like that super bad!

  2. Such an adorable outfit, it looks so comfy!! :)

  3. We used to live near a Dave & Busters and spent SOOO much money there on the games. Been a long time since we've been to one now!

  4. lol! I love Winco. It's the only place I can shop with my husband and not get into an argument. Sounds about like our dates. :-)

  5. Loving those boots! Date nights are so incredibly important- especially in that first year!

  6. Love the outfit! We need to do date nights, we haven't been on one in forever.

  7. Love this post. So, so true about needing date nights. I am a big advocate. It's so easy to let marriage take the back burner when you have kids, but it's important not to let it sit there too long. Super cute outfit! I think you might like the "Wear It Mama" series on my blog.

  8. Oh Shannon - you are just so cute! I'm loving this outfit a bunch! Dating your spouse is SO important, my husband and I need to do dates more often!

  9. I love this outfit, so simple yet so stylish and I am sure you and hubby will soon find balance with dating each other and your son.

  10. Cute! I love the tee has a sweater feel to it! This inspired me to do a fun date night with my man. Usually it's just dinner and a movie, but we need to mix it up!

    Strum Simmer Sip

  11. Such a cute outfit. My hubby and I need to resurrect date night after having a baby.


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