Much.Most.Darling.: Ceol Waves(TM) Premium Zinc Alloy Capo + Medium Gauge Premium Celluloid Guitar Picks 10 Pack Review

Monday, January 5, 2015

Ceol Waves(TM) Premium Zinc Alloy Capo + Medium Gauge Premium Celluloid Guitar Picks 10 Pack Review

This Ceol Waves(TM) Premium Zinc Alloy Capo is super easy to use for any skill levels! Neither my professional husband nor my beginner self had any troubles while using this capo. The finishing is also really nice and the capo looks very sleek and modern and expensive, which is really important to my husband. He likes that it didn't compete with his acoustic or electric guitars and was really easy to adjust. It was super easy to adjust the positioning of the capo on the neck of the guitar with one hand, which I probably appreciate more than my more experienced player of a husband. He also noted that it seems like the clamp on this Premium Zinco Alloy Capo by Ceol WavesTM is firmer than the standard capo, and seems like it would last a lot longer than another that he picked up from a local music shop a month ago.

From Ceol WavesTM:
PROFESSIONAL GRADE AND QUALITY: Stylish and durable. You can hear, see and feel the quality. Strong professional grade alloy with the best quality silver finish. Suitable for 6-string guitar, banjo, ukulele and mandolin. Keeps the strings tight. Small in size, convenient and portable. Excellent for the best practice jam session or performance. 
DESIGN: Ceol WavesTM zinc alloy capo has an elegant and curved shape. It is lightweight and easily squeezed into place with one hand without pulling the strings of your instrument out of tune. You can easily release and reposition the capo without disturbing the tuning. The capo clamps on any fret with no adjustments required

MULTI FUNCTIONAL: It can be positioned on any fret on the exposed fret board without requiring any adjustments and will not interfere with playing. Fits perfectly on the necks and fingerboards. Simply the highest quality, best value zinc alloy capo money can buy.

EASY TO USE: Simple one-handed operation to quickly move to any position on the neck. This quick release capo is suitable for electric, folk. classical or acoustic guitars in addition to banjos and ukuleles. 
SILVER COLOR: The color is rich and modern. They work well for men and women; young and old. Great gift for the beginner or professional musician.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Ceol WavesTM prides itself in providing quality products and exceptional customer service. We are so confident that you will love your zinc alloy quick change capo that we back it with our no hassle, no questions asked, guarantee. Let us show you the Ceol WavesTM difference.
We were able to try this capo with the Ceol WavesTM Medium Gauge Celluloid guitar picks and were very impressed!
While my husband usually prefers the feel of an extra heavy pick, he thought these medium gauge picks were great for strumming, and as a beginner I felt they were really easy to use and hold. He used these on his acoustic, and electric guitars and was impressed with how well the picks held up while he was playing, as well, especially for the price! He also said that they have a nice feel to them, which he assured me is kind of a big deal when it comes to choosing a pick. I gave them to him in the velvet pouch and he said that he thought it was a cool idea to package them in the velvet pouch - it felt very rockstar! I love that you get 10 in a pouch, it means I'm less likely to misplace any of the picks, as the velvet pouch is really convenient, and even if a few go missing I still have plenty!

From Ceol WavesTM:
PREMIUM PICKS FOR SUPERIOR SOUND AND DURABILITY: These celluloid picks feel great and provide a great tone. Ceol WavesTM celluloid guitar picks are made with top quality material and are resistant to wear and damage. They are designed to resist tears and breaks over time. When in use, you'll find they give your music a warm, fat, rich tone. A man-made material, celluloid was first introduced in the early 1900's as a substitute for natural tortoise shell picks.
MEDIUM GAUGE: With 10 total picks we ship the most popular size and gauge which provides the best versatility for all players. The classic shape of these picks gives a good grip for comfortable picking and strumming. Not only do they sound amazing on Acoustic Guitar, they're also just as great for all other guitars and string instruments, including Electric Guitar, Bass, Classical -- even Ukulele and Mandolin.
STYLISH VELVET GIFT POUCH: The picks are packaged in a deluxe velvet pouch offering the best combination of a classic yet modern look. It is a convenient way to carry picks and have them accessible when you need them. Easily carry them in your handbag, backpack or guitar case.
BLACK VIBRANT COLOR WITH GOLD EMBOSSED LOGO: The colors are rich and stunning. They work well for men and women; young and old
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Ceol WavesTM prides itself in providing quality products and exceptional customer service. We are so confident that you will love your celluloid picks in the deluxe velvet pouch that we back it with our no hassle, no questions asked, guarantee.

Here's Zach strumming a little so you can see both the Ceol WavesTM Premium Zinc Alloy Capo and the Ceol Waves 10 pack Medium Gauge Premium Celluloid Guitar Picks (with deluxe velvet carry pouch) in action:

We did receive these products complimentary for testing purposes, but all opinions are ours.


  1. wow this is so beautiful!! thank you for sharing!

  2. Awesome! I'm getting my husband a guitar for Valentines Day {not really a V Day gift but I dont want to wait anymore, lol!} so this post is perfectly timed!

  3. This is fabulous! My oldest son has asked for a guitar and I'd love to get him one, so great!

  4. That capo looks awesome! I had a strap-type capo and it was the bane of my freaking existence. Now of course I don't even have my guitar with me (I didn't bring it on my international move - couldn't carry that much stuff) and I miss it so much.

  5. This is very cool. I know nothing about guitars.

  6. I used to dream of becoming a skilled guitar player, just for fun...I tried but it didn't go well. Ha ha! But this looks really cool! :)

  7. Awesome! My husband plays the teeniest bit of guitar and I've always wished he could do more!

  8. I have no knowledge on guitars haha

  9. I briefly took guitar lessons when I was in high school. Other than I am a fan of guitarists, that is about my extent of knowledge of guitars.

  10. I'm definitely a bit inept when it comes to musical instruments, but this looks pretty awesome!

  11. Only dated one guy who played the guitar, but it was pretty exciting. His guitar teacher was famous and had a lot of famous friends and I got to meet other bands and even spent time at a rehearsal session for a band called Toy Matinee which had a young Cheryl Crow at the keyboard!

  12. Tell Zach love the guitar tune absolutely beautiful

  13. I'll have to pass this on to my husband who is taking up guitar lessons next month!


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