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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Baby Wearing in the Fall

A BIG thank you to Tabby Photography for taking pictures of me wearing H.

I love this time in my motherhood journey where I am able to scoop him up and hold him close to me and he is immediately calmed and soothed. For the first 6 months of his life, H would only nap if he was touching me in some way and my wraps, quite literally, saved my sanity. I was going mad and getting so frustrated over the fact that I wasn’t able to be the housewife I had expected myself to be and rarely changed out of my pajamas from the night before until after Zach got home.

Enter baby wearing.

Thanks to the Solly Wrap, I was able to get in my skin to skin time and bond with him, help him get the sleep he so desperately needed, and not be completely confined to the rocking chair or bed. I also got really well acquainted with all of our local Target’s aisles, and got in a little bit of trouble in their children’s sections – but seriously, how does any person walk away from all of the adorable onesies and goodies? Baby sized everything just melts my heart!

After I realized what a blessing the Solly Wrap was, I started researching more and fell down the baby wearing rabbit hole. I started out with a Moby and two Solly Wraps and ended up adding an Ergo, a Lillebaby, a Ring Sling and a Didymos Katja size 6 Woven Wrap to my collection!

Baby wearing has been such a huge part of our lives the past 9.5 months, I am so glad to have this small documentation of it!

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