Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Third Trimester Style: Boho Vibes with BohoBlu

The end of September means two things. First, Fall is here! Layers, plaid, scarves, boots (and yes, those infamous Pumpkin Spice Lattes). Second, it's baby time! Any day now this little rainbow baby will be in my arms and out of this big ole belly!

My pregnancy with H fell way more into Fall and Winter than this one has, and I've gotta admit - maxis are fun and all, but I loved being able to dress my bump in the cooler months. Yes, I had to recruit my husband to help me put on or take off my boots, because bending over in the third trimester to try and tug on or take off shoes is no easy feat, but Fall and Winter style has always been my favorite. An added bonus of cooler weather? Way less hormonal hot flashes (do they talk about that in the pregnancy books? If not, be prepared - it totally happens!), which means wearing clothes doesn't immediately make you feel like you've stepped into a sauna!

I shared an outfit last week featuring non-maternity clothing from BohoBlu that still worked for my very rotund Third Trimester self, and this week I'm doing the same thing! Nothing I'm wearing here is maternity clothing, but it all works for a growing belly (and hips, and thighs, etc), and is not only affordable, but also easy to throw on and look good!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Quick + Easy Snack Combination Ideas for Toddlers

Anyone else with a toddler who one day will eat anything you put in front of them, and the next will only eat cheese sticks? Anyone? Please say yes! This last month has been a total battle of the wills when it comes to H holding out on eating until he gets what he wants. Which he does, eventually, because I can't make myself send him to naps or bedtime without something in his stomach.

Because of this, I've been trying to come up with creative snack ideas that are both healthy, but also something he will actually eat. The first thing I did? Find awesome snack containers! I swear, put a peanut butter sandwich on a regular plate, and my toddler will push it away, but if it's on a dinosaur plate, or his digger plate? Oh man, step back and watch him chow down. These Snack in the Box and Drink in the Box, made with TritanTM plastic, holders both delight H because they look cool, but also make me happy because they're so durable and easy to clean! 

Do you need toddler snack inspiration? I'm sharing a few of H's favorite quick and easy snack combinations that help me feel good about what he's eating, and help keep the Hangry Toddler Monster away!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Birth Center Supply Checklist: What to Bring With You for an Out of Hospital Birth

When I delivered H, we were totally unprepared. I was going in for my 'routine' bi-weekly round of IV fluids to combat the dehydration that I was dealing with thanks to my Hyperemesis Gravidarum, when the OB on call told me I wouldn't be going home and would be induced that evening due to low blood pressure and the contractions I was already having. I totally freaked out, because we had nothing ready to go - the nursery was in shambles and we had nothing packed for the hospital and delivery bag! Because of this, I pulled up the first Pinterest list I could find, sent it to the Hubs and told him to throw whatever he could in a bag and meet me at the hospital, because we were meeting our son earlier than we had anticipated. That sweet man literally went home and packed me a bag big enough to last almost a month at the hospital, and you know what? We barely used any of it! We were there for 3 days (4.5 if you include the IV and induction time as well), and the hospital supplied us with so much stuff that we barely opened the hospital bag he had packed!

This time around, I spoke with all my midwives and asked other local moms who had their babies at the midwifery what they brought with them to get myself ready, just in case I deliver early this time. This is everything my midwives and other experienced moms suggested I bring to the birthing center for our out of hospital birth!
(I'll make sure to come back and update this list once baby Bear arrives to let you know what I personally found useful and useless to bring with us to the Birthing Center for labor and delivery!)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bombay Hair's 5-in-1 Curling Wand

I have been getting so many comments about my hair lately that when Bombay Hair reached out to collaborate, I knew I had to say yes. I recruited my favorite super talented hair magician, Mariah Joy, of The Hairstyling Mom, who has been responsible for my cuts, color, and styles for the last several months, to showcase the different looks that can be achieved with Bombay Hair's 5-in-1 Curling Wand, and we had way too much fun playing around with these wands!

If you're anything like me (aka: a hair newbie), the multiple wand bundles can seem a little intimidating, but I promise they're not! This quick infographic and tutorial will give you a visual difference between the 5 wands included in the Bombay Hair 5-in-1 Curling Wand: the 32mm vs 25mm vs 13-25mm (reverse) vs 19mm vs Pearl / Bubble wand. I had no idea just how many different looks could be achieved between the interchangeable clip-free barrels, and I love having one tool that can do such a multitude of different curls and waves! Make sure to head over to Bombay Hair's website and use code "SHYNNZ" to save 50% off all hair tools!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Third Trimester Style: BohoBlu Elaine Swing Dress

My favorite closet staples for the third trimester of pregnancy? A super soft and comfy dress, a great layering piece that's seasonally appropriate, and appropriately supportive undergarments. When you combine all three, I'm basically on top of the world and feel like maybe I'm not the huge whale people keep commenting me to be! (Also, P.S. on the list of things not to say to a pregnant woman? Anything about her size. Unless you're just telling me how beautiful I look or how beautifully I carry, just smile and be on your way. The wide eye looks, guffaws, and "any day now?"s are SO not needed or lovely!)

One of my favorite Instagram boutiques for Women is BohoBlu. They have an amazing selection of affordable, yet stylish clothing, and I love that they have a little bit of everything - from tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, shoes, accessories, etc, you could build your entire wardrobe from their shop! BohoBlu also has pieces that are a little more trendy, as well as some great staples, so there's definitely something for everyone! (BohoBlu is super amazing and decided to share a discount code for everyone! Use coupon code "SHANNON10" to save 10% off your total purchase, from now until September 25th!)

Keep your eyes peeled for some of my favorite non maternity, yet pregnancy friendly outfits that I'll be featuring from their shop in the coming weeks!

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