Friday, October 21, 2016

Fresh 48 Newborn Lifestyle Photoshoot

Three weeks ago, Sarah from Shutter Happy Photography came over to do a follow up Fresh 48 newborn lifestyle photoshoot for us, and I love how she captured our little growing family! Sarah was also the amazing eye behind my birth photography, and I'm so thankful for her talent and her time spent with us. 

Looking at these newborn lifestyle pictures of my boys and I, those 19 days ago, its crazy to think how much has already changed. Baby J was almost a week old in these photos, and he already looks so different and has chunked up so much! He was born at 8lbs 14oz, but at my midwife appointment yesterday they weighed him to see how big he's gotten, and at 3 weeks 3 days old he was 12lbs 2oz!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Baby J's Birth Story: My Med-Free Birth Center Experience

Now that Jude is two weeks old, I figured it was about time to get his Birth Story written down! His birth was incredible - it was fast and strong and when it was all over, I was left thinking "holy cow - did that really just happen?!".

Let me preface this post with this: there is nothing wrong with hospital births, pitocin, or epidurals, there is nothing wrong with having a C-section, and there is nothing wrong with Obstetricians or hospital staff. I had a terrible experience with my eldest son, and did not want to repeat that again this time around, so I sought to have a med-free water birth in a local birthing center, and utilized both techniques I learned in a Hypnobirthing class and essential oils to do just that. 

This is the (somewhat TMI, but what Birth Story isn't?) story of Jude's birth! Completely opposite from the recumbent hospital bed induction I had with older brother H, Jude was born in a birthing tub after 2 hours of labor, 1 push, and lots of deep breathing. This is the story of my "perfect birth".

(FYI, this post does contain birthing and after birth photos that some might consider graphic)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Second Tri (20 - 26 weeks) Pregnancy Update

Ahhh the emotional tolls that pregnancy takes. You always expect your body to change while carrying another life, but you don't always expect the feelings - both good and .... not so good, that come along with it as well. Hitting 20 weeks, the halfway part of my pregnancy felt so good in some ways, but I had also expected it to be more relaxed and less anxious, but found almost the opposite to be true.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Second Tri (12 - 19 weeks) Pregnancy Update

How is it possible that I'm already in the second trimester?! They say subsequent pregnancies fly by when you have other kiddos to watch over, but I had no idea how true that was until I experienced it. Trying to keep up with a very active and needy toddler and general life stuff means there's not a lot of time left to think about the little person growing inside of you!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Third Trimester Style: Boho Vibes with BohoBlu

The end of September means two things. First, Fall is here! Layers, plaid, scarves, boots (and yes, those infamous Pumpkin Spice Lattes). Second, it's baby time! Any day now this little rainbow baby will be in my arms and out of this big ole belly!

My pregnancy with H fell way more into Fall and Winter than this one has, and I've gotta admit - maxis are fun and all, but I loved being able to dress my bump in the cooler months. Yes, I had to recruit my husband to help me put on or take off my boots, because bending over in the third trimester to try and tug on or take off shoes is no easy feat, but Fall and Winter style has always been my favorite. An added bonus of cooler weather? Way less hormonal hot flashes (do they talk about that in the pregnancy books? If not, be prepared - it totally happens!), which means wearing clothes doesn't immediately make you feel like you've stepped into a sauna!

I shared an outfit last week featuring non-maternity clothing from BohoBlu that still worked for my very rotund Third Trimester self, and this week I'm doing the same thing! Nothing I'm wearing here is maternity clothing, but it all works for a growing belly (and hips, and thighs, etc), and is not only affordable, but also easy to throw on and look good!

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